Tony Robbins and the context of#MeToo: Exploring resistance and masculinity

Last month, at one of his UPW events, personal development master Tony Robbins was confronted by a woman who had been a victim of sexual assault. In his response to her, Robbins used an exercise he often uses at his events to demonstrate resistance and what happens when, in any situation or life moment, we [...]

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What leading authentically means for women

Women in leadership has become a hot topic of discussion as a social shift begins to happen in companies and governments across the world. A shift is happening not only for those who hold positions of leadership, but the ideal method of leadership is changing. Companies want less militaristic and autocratic and more inclusive and [...]

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High performance for women is different

Femininity is an emerging and powerful force from corporate, masculine norm. Any ambitious woman in business has experienced being in an environment that is competitive, fast paced, and undeniably masculine. At first, many women, no matter how competitive you are naturally, may feel intimidated or like they don’t belong. And then we adapt. But we [...]

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