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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.
Albert Einstein

Frustrated by your lack of results?

You know what you want and as a high-performing executive, leader or CEO, you are used to delivering results and achieving success.

But recently, you’ve been bumping into an area where you can’t seem to achieve the results you desire. You try all the strategies that usually work, but the lack of results is leaving you seriously frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected. Whether it’s related to your business or personal life, your goals don’t materialize, despite attempting every strategy that worked in the past.

The drive to achieve greatness is commendable, but overachievement leads to isolation, disconnection and chaos and the formula for success isn’t working anymore. You want results and you want to lead with agility, presence and purpose.

You know that what brought you this far, can’t take you to the next level. But you’re not sure what needs to change. And usually, you can figure it out. You don’t need someone to hold your hand, you need someone who can help you reconnect to your innate intelligence, unveil your blindspots and accelerate your performance to the desired results. 

The old model of success no longer serves you. You are hungry for change. A new way forward is possible.

It’s time to learn the strategies that will take you to the next level.
It's time to Recode Performance.

This involves rewiring the way you think about achievement and embracing radical self-agency so you can:

Become a greater leader who navigates with as much agility and empathy as strength and vulnerability.

Create a culture of belonging and trust that provides psychological safety and organizational health within the business, which ultimately drives higher results and profitability.

Easily navigate complex decisions with strategy and intuition because you are connected to your innovation and courage.

Achieve the results you desire and expand into your next level of success, whether it’s in your business, personal life or finances. Each goal is different and requires radical self-agency to navigate the uncharted waters of your next level of possibility.

Meet . . .

Strategic Business Advisor and Coach, Performance Disruptor,
Speaker and Creator of Leading the Edge

Listen, to step into your next level of performance, you have to be ready to see yourself clearly, both your strengths and magnificence AND the ways you sabotage your power. We all have responsibility for our own lives and there is a cause and effect to every action. When you take radical self-leadership, you become a badass who is deeply connected to your innate intelligence and wisdom, which will lead you to the success you desire. 

As a Strategic Business Advisor and Coach, my mission is to disrupt the world of achievement that currently leaves leaders burnt out, fed up and exhausted. By recoding our performance, we can accelerate our results by reconnecting to our innate intelligence, the part of us that’s been forgotten or ignored. This allows us to become the bold, courageous and purposeful leaders that we need, for ourselves, for our businesses and for the world. 

I’ve done it, you can do it too. After founding, growing and selling the number one franchise of Luxury Corporate Hospitality in Canada, I toured the world with Tony Robbins, (the nation’s top Life and Business Strategist). Throughout that year, I listened to the stories of executives, who despite all their external success, were still seeking a deep connection to themselves. I completely identified with these feelings. I had been so puzzled by questions about my life, I couldn’t understand why I felt so unsatisfied and unfulfilled after all that I had achieved. 

After listening to this story over and over again, I realized that my mission is to disrupt the achievement mindset and recode the performance paradigm for future leaders.

It’s possible to create success with value and energy that does not have to rob us of our freaking existence, breath and wellbeing. It doesn’t have to rob us of being mothers and fathers and leading with integrity, humility and transparency.

By teaching the secrets of MetaPerformance, today’s leaders can learn to embody the timeless and sustainable codes for high performance, so they can amplify their success and reconnect to their innate intelligence. 

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Why work with Tatiana?

Fierce Experience and Expertise

As an Executive Business Advisor and Coach, I have both the practical experience of founding, growing and selling a 50 Million dollar company and I know the realities and demands of life as a high-performing executive. And I also understand the world of transformation, rewiring thought patterns and re-coding performance. This very rare combination of high-level success and business expertise is offered exclusively to my clients

I’m not for everyone. I’m French and I have very strong beliefs. I don’t take any bullshit and I don’t have time for people who want to make excuses and stay stuck in the way things are. I help people who are hungry for change and ready to take the action that is required to expand.

I go deep with my clients. I prepare, listen, research and advise. I fiercely hold my clients accountable and nurture them as they find congruence. I strategize and lead and I support their re-coding of performance and achievement.

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Strengthen your partnership with Tatiana's support and guidance. Powerful partnerships have the ability to transform the performance of your company.

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For Bold, Daring and Audacious Leaders A 3 Week LIVE Intensive to Recode Performance And Step into Your Limitless Potential


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