Meet Tatiana.

I am Tatiana Dudyez, a mission-driven & passionate Woman CEO of The H Factor.

I am a Strategic Performance Advisor to influential CEOs, a SQUIRCLE Team Advisor, and a Partnership Architect.

I work with high-achieving humans to ReCode their thinking and ReWire the success of their performance and their business.

Let’s face it: the formula for achieving success is old and stale, unsustainable and crippling, divisive and inequitable, void of humanity and fulfillment.

Up until this forceful virus imposed a global pause and cast a magnifying glass over the world’s default system, achievement has been the leading indicator of performance health for an individual or an organization. Yet, a health indicator normally warns of possible harmful consequences such as burnout, inequality, substandard results or simply a void of kindness & trust in the Human capacity to adapt, connect, create.

Archaic measures of performance seduce us with metrics and incapacitate us from embracing uncertainty.

tatiana dudyez

My Story

Tatiana Dudyez

I founded The H Factor as my mission to serve high achieving humans with experience & tools to make success their journey, not their destination. We do so by reintroducing humanity to the way they work and live.

In 2013, despite the pinnacle of my so-called “success” as the co-founder and co-owner of the #1 Corporate Housing Franchise in Canada, I felt void of my joy and fulfillment and could only focus on lacking results in my business. I knew I had to switch gears and create the next version of my performance so my business would expand again. Consequently, I chose to exit.

I took a deep dive into the reasons WHY high-achievers often miss the gate of fulfillment in the process for success and designed a bulletproof approach to embracing crisis as an asset rather than seeing it as a liability.

As the reformed co-founder of that $50M company, a woman entrepreneur, and a mother to two phenomenal daughters, I understand first-hand what it means to be handling the tightrope of life and success, while feeling disconnected, isolated, or uncertain. Through my revolution, I learned that the way we are conditioned to achieve in a strategic, binary, and rational framework stifles our innately creative, instinctual, and audacious human intelligence. We have been taught to trust only what can be seen in material form. Blind spots are the cause of untapped performance.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

ReCoding Performance prepares leaders and businesses to navigate growth amid crises with strategic talent and innate intelligence. Adding The H Factor to how we’ve been conditioned to achieve gives us leaders the tools to create a synergistic culture– one that is rich in differences, adaptive skills, and courageous conversations.