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About Tatiana
About Tatiana


Everything in life offers contrast; how one chooses to manage it while aspiring for excellence, requires faith, demands courage, and creates resilience.

I have lived my share of pain and failures to get to where I am today, serving women with the same challenges I once faced and chose to overcome.

I have been a businesswoman, single mother, and entrepreneur for over 20 years. At the peak of my career, leading a multi-million-dollar business, I was still left utterly unfulfilled. I sold my multi-million-dollar business and joined Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership to network with masters, unleash my inner truth and elevate my life.

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with perfectionism, control, and confidence.


I am a fiery business women, passionate entrepreneur, adoring mother, bold power strategist and sassy radiance catalyst.

I am fearlessly devoted to serving high achieving women in business. Why?
Because I believe:

Women are most powerful when they embrace their femininity unapologetically.

Feminine Intelligence is the business world’s most urgent untapped asset
In Feminine collaboration for massive Innovation, Influence and Legacy
Feminine Intelligence is responsible for change in this world.

Business is a spiritual game.

Living a limitless life and bringing our badass loving selves to the table!
In magic…


Ditch the Male Mask! Unleash the Woman in the Executive.

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