About Tatiana
About Tatiana

Everything in life offers contrast; how one chooses to manage it while aspiring for excellence, requires faith, demands courage, and creates resilience.

I have lived my share of pain and failures to get to where I am today.

I have been a businesswoman, single mother, and entrepreneur for over 20 years. At the peak of my career, leading a multi-million-dollar business, I was still left utterly unfulfilled. I sold my multi-million-dollar business and joined Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership to network with masters, unleash my inner truth and elevate my life.

I have struggled with perfectionism, control, and fully embracing my worth.


I am a fiery business woman, passionate entrepreneur, adoring mother, bold power strategist and sassy radiance catalyst. I am devoted to serving high achiever women with the knowledge, tools and wisdom I did not have then, so they embrace life radically aware, enlightened and supported to stand powerfully in their truth.

I am fiercely committed to creating a movement of powerfully authentic women leaders who influence change, rise together, and consciously perform alongside men as partners.


Because I believe:

  • Women are most powerful when they own ALL of their truth unapologetically, including their Feminine light.
  • Feminine Intelligence is the business world’s most URGENT untapped asset.
  • Feminine Intelligence is responsible for change in this world.
  • Business is a spiritual game.
  • In Living a limitless life and bringing our badass loving selves to the board room!
  • In magic…

Unleash the Woman in the Warrior.

Your journey starts NOW

“Have the courage to be authentic and unique in your leadership.

Dare to take a proactive role in the creation of the life you want.”