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Fierce Experience and Expertise
Connected, Innovative, Couragous
A Bold and Audacious Leader
Performance Disruptor
Not Your Typical Business Advisor
A Firecracker and Edgy Speaker
A Wild Entrepreneurial Spirit
Trailblazing Seeker and Coach

Transforming the Paradigm of Performance

You are a high-achieving leader who is hungry for more.

You know what you want, but for whatever reason, you’re old strategies of performance just aren’t working anymore.

And you have this inner knowing that you don’t want to continue achieving your goals at the cost of your happiness, your family, your health or your inner peace.

You realize that the constant pressure to do more, be more and achieve more isn’t sustainable.

When you do reach your results, you feel empty, dissatisfied or disconnected, leaving you disappointed and wondering if this is all there is to life.

I see you. I know what you are experiencing.
You are trapped in the old paradigm of performance.

It’s time for a performance revolution.

If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself…

I’m Tatiana Dudyez

I’m a strategic Business Advisor to High Performing Leaders, a Performance Disruptor, Speaker and Creator of Leading the Edge, my signature group experience. I'm based in Los Angelos California but I work with businesses around the globe.

I have a proven track record of co-founding a $50 Million business, a Canadian Hospitality Brand and Franchise from the ground up.

I co-founded and navigated the corporate world of luxury hospitality, doubled our company's revenue and led with integrity and agility.

I dedicated the past 5 years of my life to doing the deep work of internal transformation, following my soul’s purpose, honing my coaching skills, recoding my own performance, questioning my perceptions. I've stepped into my full leadership role as a strategic business advisor to multimillion-dollar companies, tech startups and other audacious, intentional and bold leaders.

I continued to develop my coaching skills, fierce feminine power and ability to help leaders cut through the noise and transform their paradigm of performance.

I spent the first 10 years of my life living on a small French island off the coast of Australia where I learned how to harness my innovation, think outside the box and problem solve. My teen years were spent moving to a new country each year with my family, where I learned how to thrive despite the disruption and navigate constant change and challenges with grace and agility.

I help leaders, business partners and teams learn how to amplify their success, recode their performance and boldly embody their sovereign leadership.

What you can expect:


A high degree of commitment from all participants. You must be dedicated to your own transformation and willing to do the (often uncomfortable) work of self-agency.

Thriving Leadership

The more each leader understands their own sovereignty, becomes bold, audacious, innovative and empathetic, the more the company will thrive.

Business Expertise

A rare and incredibly valuable combination of business expertise and a genuinely deep love of all things business + strategy. Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.


Performance is an inside game and transforming mindset to thrive despite disruption involves each leader being fully aligned, congruent and operating as a deeply committed leader.

Fierce Coaching

Exceptional emotional and relational intelligence, deep spirituality, ontological coaching, and an intuitive and nurturing partner who expertly guides you to the next level of embodied performance.

Tangible Results

When leaders master MetaPerformance the results are far beyond what you can even perceive is possible at this moment.
Expect the impossible.

I’m different. My approach goes deep. I’m not for everyone.

My Why.

My advising, coaching and teaching bring beauty and honour to each person as a whole. And that person is a better person for themselves, for everyone around them and for the world, for peace, for nature and for the planet to be honoured. We live in a limitless world and we limit ourselves by our thoughts and our beliefs.

I want to teach leaders how to recode their performance so that each person can connect to their genius, to their love, to their capacity to achieve the impossible for the world and for themselves. I believe that the impossible is possible.

We can remember and reconnect to our humanity, to our genius in order to change the world, one person at a time. We have the capacity to change this world and it starts with understanding and connecting to our innate intelligence, creating sovereignty and embodying MetaPerformance.

Let’s Work Together.

Business Advising

Hungry for change?
Work with Tatiana to reconnect your innate intelligence, embody MetaPerformance and amplify your success.

Corporate Programs

Coaching expands you. Training expands the world. Customized corporate training to meet your team’s challenges and recode corporate performance.

Powerful Partnerships

Strengthen your partnership with Tatiana's support and guidance. Powerful partnerships have the ability to transform the performance of your company.

Tatiana’s Signature Group Experience
Coming October 2021

Leading The Edge

For Bold, Daring and Audacious Leaders
A 3 Week LIVE Intensive to Recode Performance
And Step into Your Limitless Potential

"Over the last few years knowing Tatiana and most recently having the honor of having her as a mentor, I have not met anyone with stronger intuition for asking the right questions to grasp the core of any challenge, personal or business.
Her strength comes from her commitment to always better serve the world whether it is through her caring or influence."
Petr Sharetskiy
Founder - Peter The Great Tutor

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