I am a skilled Businesswoman, daring Entrepreneur, passionate Speaker, gifted Executive Coach and powerful Consultant.

My thought leadership emanates from the merge of my successful entrepreneurial mastery combined with my passion for creating collective processes to integrate Gender Intelligence’s biases and my relentless commitment for coaching High-Performance individuals to align with their core talents.


While at the peak of my Luxury Hospitality career, I felt suddenly disconnected from my business success. Following my quest to understand what Success meant to me, I discovered I had detached from essential parts of myself in order to achieve “Success”.

The life I had created was no longer enough and I subsequently decided to sell my multi-million-dollar business to embark on a deep dive of mastering high-performers’ psyches and behavioral patterns. My journey led me to listen to California’s calling to build my Speaking, Consulting and Coaching business. I now advise top leaders and organizations how to operate from a place authentic strength. I work to incarnate brave commitment, bold passion, enormous drive and absolute integrity to fulfill my Mission & Purpose.

I believe… that high achievers all share the same distinctive common denominators, psychological and behavioral patterns. It’s a decodable program.

I believe…that as a high achiever, we build a formula for success that eventually fails us. Bumps on the road must be turned into gifts to continue ascending!

I believe…that the greatest challenge for any high achiever is to learn how to merge the Science of Achievement with the Art of Fulfilment.

I believe…that leadership is an inside job, an art practiced every minute of the day. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are being in every moment that creates possibility, aligned action and a conscious impact on others.

I believe…that grit is built by learning to see the gift in every mis-take, hardship or challenge to reach a breakthrough, as life happens for us not to us.  



  • How Empathy, Humility & Consciousness are todays’ Code to Powerful Leadership
  • The Mastery of Perception: Who do you need to “BE” to get the results you seek
  • Celebrate differences to create a Gender Intelligent Culture
  • Integrative Protocols for a Gender Intelligent Culture: Bypass Differences to Fuel Creation
  • How to Disrupt through Compassion

“Have the courage to be authentic and unique in your leadership.

Dare to take a proactive role in the creation of the life you want.”