Meet Tatiana.

I am Tatiana Dudyez, Executive Coach, Consultant, and Speaker.


I am a successful Businesswoman & Entrepreneur. I am most on purpose when I contribute to growth through Coaching & Consulting. I am passionate about Public Speaking.


My Genius is transforming polarity into Power to create coherence within an individual, a team or a business such that results align with a centric internal system. My signature blends fearless compassion, deep ontological approach and business savvy strengths to generate relationally fulfilling relationships, uplifting and lasting impact and purpose driven financial results.

My Story.

“Have the courage to be authentic and unique in your leadership.”

While at the peak of my Luxury Hospitality career, I felt suddenly disconnected from my business success. Following my quest to understand what Success meant to me, I discovered I had detached from essential parts of myself in order to achieve “Success”.

The life I had created was no longer enough and I subsequently decided to sell my multi-million-dollar business to embark on a deep dive of mastering high-performers’ psyches and behavioral patterns. My journey led me to listen to California’s calling to build my Speaking, Consulting and Coaching business. I now advise top leaders and organizations how to operate from a place authentic strength. I work to incarnate brave commitment, bold passion, enormous drive and absolute integrity to fulfill my Mission & Purpose.


What I know for sure is:

  • High achievers all share the same common denominators: a predictable mindset driving behavior that leads to the same challenges.
  • A High Performer is usually ready to go beyond a prior formula for success after experiencing repeated pain, inefficiency or chaos.
  • Leadership is an inside job practiced personally and professionally, daily.
  • Leading greatly comes from aligning who you need to be with what you need to do
  • >Women’s rise is not a coincidence but about remembering how to re-harmonize civilization, re-polarize humanity and re-structure business into a people centric system.
  • Creating High Performance is about aligning fulfilling relationships, uplifting and lasting impact and purpose driven financial results.