Meet Tatiana.

I am Tatiana Dudyez, a mission-driven & passionate Woman CEO of The H Factor.


I am also an Executive Coach to influential CEOs, a SQUIRCLE Facilitator and Trainer.


I love Speaking to large groups on ReCoding Human Performance to Embrace Uncertainty, Transforming Polarity into Power and The Powerful Woman CEO Playbook.

I am a Fierce Feminine Mother and Leader who is most on purpose when I add value to high-achieving Humans who commit to seeing themselves fully, and choose to be the cause of their uplifting ripple effects.


  • My Signature is renowned for blending fearless compassion with a deep ontological approach armored by business savvy strengths.
  • My Values are rooted in congruence, courage, radiance, sovereignty and love.
  • My Zone of Genius inspires a Human Centric Design in Business & Executive Performance, facilitates Relationally Intelligent connections and uplifts Humanity to create a lasting impact and purpose-driven financial results.

My Story.

“Marry your drive to achieve with your urge to expand.”

If the measure for your value lies in your achievements, the blind spots of your success will inevitably hinder your performance.


In 2013, despite the pinnacle of my so-called “success” as the co-founder and co-owner of the #1 Corporate Housing Franchise in Canada, I experienced a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.


I dove deep into the reasons WHY High Achievers often miss the gate of fulfillment in the process for success and I consequently created my present executive coaching business serving that very audience.


I discovered a world that radically changed my life, personally and professionally.


This unearthing of the Whys and Hows successful high achievers generate limits on their way to their prosperous What is at the root of my journey to you. My work is an offering that contains a transformative code that will shift your inner and outer world.


I founded The H Factor as my mission to serve high achievers with experience & tools to make success their journey, not their destination.


Lets face it: the formula for achieving success is old and stale, unsustainable and crippling, divisive and inequitable, void of humanity and fulfillment. Despite the much venerated dictum “success leaves clues”, what most successful influencers omit to expose is that it also generates unconscious blindspots, biases and limits regardless of wealth, fame or popularity. The limits success inflicts are not discriminatory as we witness “successful” high achievers take their lives: Kate Spade, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Kurt Cobain, Alexander McQueen, and recently with a victim of the pandemic depression, Tony Hsieh.


As the reformed cofounder of that $50M company, I understand first-hand what it means to be at the pinnacle of success and yet feel disconnected, isolated or uncertain. What I learned through my own revolution is that how we are conditioned to achieve in a strategic, binary and rational way is the very problem, stifling our innately creative, instinctual & audacious human intelligence.


The consequences of achieving solely with a linear strategy and binary lenses?

  • A debilitating Human disconnect
  • Racial, gender and ethnic divided culture
  • Stifled Innovation and creativity
  • Inefficient Collaboration and Communication
  • Exclusive, overbearing & apathetic Leadership
  • Inability to navigate complexity in crisis
  • Abortive fitness for agility and resilience in chaos


ReCoded Performance cause Leaders and Businesses to navigate growth in crisis with strategic talent and innate intelligence, creating a synergistic culture rich in differences, adaptive skills, and courageous conversations. Exceptional leadership embraces Crisis as an asset, not as a liability.


The COVID crisis shows that now more than ever, Humanity must be reconnected to Strategy to accelerate individual and business transformation in the 21st century.


Please contact us to discuss your tailored transformational solutions for your Executive Leadership Performance, your Team’s aptitude for shared thinking, innovation & collaboration or your search for a disruptively inspirational Speaker.





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