What is the Radiance tribe? Why you need to be a part of this powerful, transformative women’s community.

If you’re an ambitious woman looking to lead successfully and find true fulfillment, you need to be a part of the Radiance Tribe.

The Radiance Tribe is a community of working women ready to rise.  It’s not about networking and upselling. It’s about creating a supportive environment where we can unmask, unlearn, and unleash to create the best version of ourselves. The Tribe is an online community of women who want to dare to be more of their authentic selves, rise together and create meaningful success in their lives.


Why do we need the Radiance Tribe?

Women in business face a unique set of challenges and consequences in both professional and personal life. We need to form a collective movement forward to support each other based on the fundamental and intrinsic characteristics that make us women. You may relate to putting on a “masculine mask” when you are in “business” mode. You may feel like you are acting out of a place of competition. You may resonate with exhaustion as you overextend yourself, or experience frustration while climbing the corporate ladder. This is what happens when women try to conform to the masculine norm of the business world. However, the business world is now shifting from a uniquely patriarchal operating system to one seeking the EQ qualities pertaining organically to the feminine essence. Our nature of collaboration and authentic connection is the new effective leadership style. Women are not much further ahead today than 10 years ago primarily because they keep “borrowing power” from men by copying their work behaviors and style. It does not work. It is not sustainable. It is not effective. Instead, women must embrace within their strongest source of power, being their Feminine strength, learn to leverage that force in their careers and strive to perform harmoniously to include fulfillment in their equation… It is an art, and it is possible only when adapted to women’s unique needs.

Does this sound like you?

If anything mentioned so far sounds like you, let’s explore this a little deeper. Women who live in this masculine energy experience contradicting emotions that are exhausting and limiting. Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you’ve expected of yourself or said yes to? Do you feel isolated by your environment and long for belonging as a result? Do you feel disconnected from what you imagined would be total fulfillment? Do you feel like you’re playing a role at home and at work that is separate from who you believe you are? Are you an ambitious professional woman constantly trying to fit in a masculine environment and feel misunderstood and unheard?


If this is you, you are not alone and one of many ladies eager for an alternative to living depleted, conditioned and misaligned to your truth. This is how ambitious professional women have so far believed that performance and success looks like and feels like! Unfortunately, many networking organizations connecting business women promote this masculine culture as a default system for a lack of understanding the misalignment. Women’s groups where growth, support and sharing opportunities are offered thrive far more than a competitive, strategic and rule dominated space. Uplifting women and encouraging them to claim, own and leverage their feminine intelligence to come back to their power is the Radiance Tribe’s mission and purpose.


How does the Radiance Tribe work?

Members join weekly via video conference for interactive group coaching sessions focused on core themes: feminine intelligence, the pillars of power, business mastery, and spiritual teachings to mention a few. We apply multi-faceted approach including education, open-discussions, and participant-lead topics.


What will this do for me?

Let the Radiance Tribe be the catalyst for a shift in your personal and professional life. Being a part of the Radiance Tribe will give you a place to be inspired, re-energized, and motivated. This space gives you a support group that guides you, and dares you to choose you to create your best life in a way that aligns authentically with your passions and purpose. This is not a competitive professional group, but a platform of sincere collaboration and mutual growth. It’s a place to create your more powerful authentic self, and learn how to align that power with the attributes of a compelling leader with contagious energy. You will experience a new paradigm on Feminine power and become the change you want to see in the world.


Who is Tatiana?

Tatiana is your power strategist and guide to authenticity as a Radiance Tribe member. No one knows this journey better than Tatiana and that’s why this is now her life’s mission. Tatiana is a former real estate mogul who built a multimillion dollar business. When her marriage fell apart as a single mom, Tatiana leaned on her business as her rock and identity. After years of a wearing a competitive and masculine “mask”, Tatiana realized she’d reached a breaking point. Exhausted and disconnected from her passion, she sold her business, relocated, and took the last 4 years to learn from Tony Robbins and other masters to follow her purpose. Tatiana found that shedding the masculine mask and rediscovering her feminine essence has lead to far more fulfillment, while using the driving masculine energy as a tool. Now, Tatiana’s passion is to teach high performance women how avoid that breaking point. She coaches women on creating a powerful life where fulfillment is aligned with successful achievement by owning their feminine intelligence unapologetically.


The Radiance Tribe is waiting for you to join in creating a movement forward that is authentic and supportive for ambitious women. Join us for our first call via Facebook the first week of June.

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