The High Achiever Woman and Dating

Let’s begin with the obvious question: why on earth are so many incredible, ambitious, successful, high achieving women single?    Wanting to have a man in our life is natural. Desiring a loving, passionate and fulfilling intimate relationship as a thriving woman today feels like an impossible yearning! Women who seem to have it “all [...]

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How to keep a woman happy: five ways companies can retain strong female leaders

We do a lot of talking about how women should act in order to keep their place, excel, and ‘fit’ into the corporate world. There are plenty of “silent” guidelines for how women should talk, dress, act, and lead that seem to actually be identical to those recommended to men!? So we, women, are to [...]

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Being in the C-suite, or a top level leader, requires a new level of you today if you want to be part of the forward thinking corporate crowd. You may have skills, tangible and specific skills, that got you to that position but a new version of you is required when you take on a [...]

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Do you want to excel? Get vulnerable

Think about the terms we use to describe the business world: “campaign”, “chain of command”, “frontline” , “killing it” ...   These are all hyper masculine terms rooted in war and conquest. That is nonetheless the business reality yet a segregated view of business that ostracizes opportunities for inclusion, innovation and sustainability. It’s a mentality [...]

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What is a Core Advisor and why you need one now

Why is self helm and self development a nearly $10 billion market? Why are people turning outside themselves looking for a way to guide from within?    It’s simple: most of us are lost.    In one way or another, we have lost sight of who we are, what we want, and how we’re going [...]

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Is perfectionism holding you back? How to tell and clear your path to success

Do you strive to be everything and then some in all areas of your life? Do you find yourself toggling between being the best boss or employee, the best partner, the best mom, and the best friend everyday?   Do you have high expectations for yourself, set lofty goals, and continuously feel like you’re falling [...]

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What is conscious leadership?

Leadership is such an interesting concept and attribute that businesses and executives endlessly harp on, seek out, and vigorously try to develop but, in reality, leadership goes so far beyond business. Leadership is the driving factor behind how we collectively and individually ignite and drive change in our world in all areas.   I feel [...]

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Do you feel heard or respected in a man’s world?

One could easily claim today that the “door is open” to women in business, and technically as well as legally speaking, that’s true. The seat at the table appears open to women but getting to that table and making room, typically feels like it is attached to resistance, pushing and tension. After marriage and the [...]

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Is perfection robbing you from progress?

As women, it seems as though we all have a dash of type A in our personality, no matter who we are. As ambitious women, we have a little more than a dash! A high achiever woman most likely goes into overdrive mode in everything she undertakes. Perfection is something that sits at the back [...]

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Presenting yourself professionally and candidly

Any woman who has stepped into an office, university classroom, or other “professional” environment can attest that there is an expectation that is very different of women. There is an undeniable perceived pressure to cover femininity (not just for attraction reasons) and “match” men in that masculine environment. It’s something we feel compelled to fall [...]

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