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Dare to be more!

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Your Mission is to master the superpower you withhold

The merge of the Woman and the Warrior

You know how in a world of business that overemphasizes achieving, struggling, and grinding your way to the top, being a Warrior feels like the only way you know how to be performant, and create success…

The main problem is if you don’t own all of your inner parts that make you a Powerful Woman Leader, then you fall into the corporate trap, the patriarchal box, the sacrificial paradigm society has forced upon you…

How impactful are you if your impact is a detriment to yourself?

What if there is another way?

Sacrificing who you are, your relationships, your joy, and your freedom to create success is not sustainable, inspirational nor impactful.

The world needs ALL of you, with the fullness of your Light and your Truth to shine bright!

Dare to Lead with Unapologetic Integrated Power as your Inner Genius

Operating from an inner space of integrity between your driven & strategic Warrior  AND the fiery & magnetic Feminine is a game changer for your business and your life!

Discovering your new power can be revolutionary and ignites fierce radiance!

What is happening to women in business…

  • We stack responsibilities
  • We stretch ourselves thin
  • We feel the need to convince others of our strength
  • We assimilate ourselves to the culture
  • We mold our communication to fit in
  • We dress to be taken seriously
  • We believe we need to act like men
  • We play it safe

This makes us…

  • Feel inauthentic
  • Feel unfulfilled with career and life
  • Feel tension, stress, and overwhelmed
  • Feel isolated or lonely at the top
  • Feel diminished intimacy
  • Feel less mindful as mothers, partners, and friends
  • Feel control and perfection are keys to success
  • Feel insecure, doubtful, even powerless
  • Not daring enough

Illuminate your Feminine Intelligence,


Merge your power,


Become more of you!

The Epicuren

One full day one-on-one with Tatiana
Radiance Tribe Membership
Follow up email support for one month after

The Opulent

Three months coaching for an exclusive, limited group of five women
Unlimited email support
Radiance Tribe membership

The Luxurious

Six months custom personal coaching
Access to the Opulent group coaching
Radiance Tribe Membership