Let’s get started…

Thank you so much for your interest! Here are just a few short questions I would love for  you to answer so I can better get to know you and your goals. We will be in touch soon!

First Name
Last Name
What compels you to seek a coach? And what compels you to look at working with me in particular?
What in your life now do you need to change and why?
How have you tried so far to cope or compensate for what is lacking in your life?
How does that “lack” show up in your life? In other words, whatever is missing in your opinion… how do you witness it is missing? Can you offer examples?
What is your ideal life look like in 6 months?
Have you invested in yourself before?
Are you ready and able to invest time and financial resources to be your most Powerful self?
Why is now the right time for you to take action and start daring to be more of you, while living pure joy and freedom with purpose?