I work with High Performer individuals & teams who long to surpass their prior formula for exceptional success, to grow their inner Power to fully align with their life & business life in order to be the creator for meaningful impact, intentional relationships and purpose driven financial results.

Integrative High Performance

High Performance requires an understanding that we are in a constant state of change and growth; our ascension is never complete. If you don’t grow, you die within. Change is the only unvarying constant we can count on.

Integrative High Performance spearheads the professional development world by consciously integrating all of the parts within to create a greater holistic & more complete version of Self. Leaders learn to intentionally source their Power from their Genius Intelligence, their courage to hold extraordinary standards in commitment to transparence, authenticity and total faith in the possibility of a higher level of experience fueled by ease, grace and joy.

Starting from the top:

Executive advisory and coaching

High-Performance Leaders discern that their environment, whether professional or personal, is a direct reflection of their inner performance level. High Performance is a way of Being with a vulnerable growth mindset and a set of tools that must be revised consistently as challenges occur in any parts of the wheel of life:  intimate, parenting, health, professional, spiritual, or organizational. 

My role is to inspire leaders & teams to create a quantum leap in their performance to become more conscious, progressive, and integrative in who they choose to Be individually and collectively. This work is for you only if there is a deep longing to go beyond the prior formula for success to continue growing exponentially, create a global & meaningful impact both, and develop a purposeful legacy. 

This Coaching experience is not for the faint of heart or faint of commitment as it requires courage, vulnerability and unshakeable commitment to face fears, blocks, old patterns and subconscious beliefs. This Integrative and Ontological approach transforms a Leader into the inherently burgeoning version of extraordinary. It is a process that is deep, elevating and transformative relationally, financially, spiritually.

Leading greatly does not come from “what you do” but from who you are.

Coaching High Performance Women:

There are consequences to the inner dissonance generated by a patriarchal formula for success imposed on women. Following are the specific & common pain-points, or disconnects, within high achiever Women that are exclusively unveiled, unlearned and unleashed in my Coaching

Coaching High Performance Men:

After many conversations with todays’ high-performance Men, I know most do not feel respected, valued and supported by the archaic patriarchal values imposed in business and in life. These Masculine Leaders are also deeply affected by the powerful Women’s rise in ways that are rarely spoken of or accounted for. I am inspired to give a voice to these men, guide their inner integration of power for their Leadership to be rooted in empathy, vulnerability, and humility to inspire their community with generosity and purposeful drive.


For executives and leaders who must navigate the rapidly changing work environment, Tatiana is a gift as she helped me identify areas of my life that needed attention in order for me to thrive in business and my relationships. She helped me firmly understand that the power to make meaningful changes in life comes from within.

Roger Bain, Director, Media & Thought Leadership at Pyxera Global

We all create problems for ourselves. I know without Tatiana’s help, I would not have had the clarity of mind or resolve to quickly move forward in my life, to make a clean break selling my business and move forward into uncharted territory with a new venture where I feel empowered to bring value to my clients while earning more doing so.

Tatiana is a master at peeling back the layers that hide the problem so you can see it for what it is and make the choice to be a better, more authentic version of you. I have never felt more understood.

Petr Sharetskiy, Founder of the tutoring institute, Peter The Great Tutor

Working with Tatiana has honestly changed and shifted so many things within me its hard to remember my old ways of thinking prior to working with her. She has been coaching me for 5 months now, and each session is different and develop organically from her ability to get to the root causes of what I am looking to change. She challenges me and supports me at the same time, she questions me and confirms my own belief in myself. The references and tools she uses and shares with me are helpful, and have turned into daily practices for me. Tatiana has helped me create space within myself to create the life I want. Anyone looking to level up, and truly embrace personal growth would be greatly served in working with Tatiana.

Amy Astrowsky,

Tatiana exudes powerful energy that is simply contagious. She comes from a deep place of experience, empathetic and skillfully trained for her niche understanding of Feminine Intelligence is what makes her approach unique and ideal for a business woman like myself. Three sessions in and I am already feeling the transformative impact of her coaching both personally and professionally. Becoming her client was the best decision I made this year.

Nancy Habashi,