Hello Gorgeous!

Who can relate to the pressure you feel, to constant demands from all sides, knowing all the plates you have to spin perfectly — at work and at home? I can.

Who can you consult with who will move you past your limiting beliefs and patterns — and into the joy, passion and inner power you are worthy of?

My role as your Executive Coach is to offer directed guidance on the highest levels of your professional and intimate life because I have personally experienced what I teach, and gone through the process of transformation required to relate to what it feels like and looks like to be in your shoes.

I am your confidante, your coach, and your cheerleader with expertise in the targeted areas of Feminine Intelligence & Gender Intelligence, Conscious Leadership, achieving success in Business and cultivating Authentic Power.

I serve your outcome, not only with my experience, but with my training as a Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Leadership Trainer and 20 years of successful Business Ownership.

Tatiana is the most brilliant coach I have ever had. The learnings have be invaluable and my growth and change has been phenomenal. Tatiana pushed me to do the inner work that drove me to level up. Working with Tatiana has shown me that I had to commit to myself and that I had to make myself the biggest priority to create the shift that is needed to becoming an even better version of who I am in my professional and personal life.

-Kerrin Black

Our Radiance Tribe is an intimate circle of thriving Women who desire deeper and more meaningful connections; crave an intimate Woman’s space to learn, share & be supported while adapting to endless peripheral changes. This Tribe intentionally breathes into the gifts of the Feminine essence while honoring the strengths of the Masculine energy within all of us, Men and Women.


  • Members-only Facebook group for confidential yet open sharing, support & actionable tools
  • Advisory expertise on Magnetic leadership, Feminine & Gender Intelligence and Mindfulness
  • Preferred rates for monthly RT gatherings, Core Advisor programs, and Women’s Events at 10% off any regular pricing.
  • 1 complementary 60 minute, 1:1 personal advisory session with me

Join our Tribe for an array of rich, entertaining and diversified weekly gatherings that will elevate you to shine through your personal and business life:

Juicy & Vibrant Breakfast Meetups

By the Beach for an uplifted ambiance of fresh ocean air, warm inspiration and a dose of radiant smiles

Tatiana’s Dinner Salons

Not much has changed so let’s master this one!… The French salon, a product of The Enlightenment in the early 18th century, was a key institution in which women played a central role. Salons provided a place for women and men to congregate for intellectual discourse. In a male-dominated society, women served as the hostesses, decided the agenda of topics to be discussed, and regulated the conversation. This led to reduced marginalization of women in Paris.

Moon Circles

Tapping into ancient rituals amid modern sensibilities is what Women need today to reconnect to themselves by honoring mother nature’s cycles. Shed what no longer serves you or call in your deepest desires is the process of creation for your reality.

Events & Presentations

More learnings on all of the themes that support you to become more of you. More truthful conversations about what you are not speaking of in your daily life. More support for your professional and personal life from experts dedicated to serve your power.


Weekly 60 minutes laser-targeted sessions, on Skype or in person, with deeply insightful, inspiring & actionable conversations about re-learning how to BE authentically and consciously powerful from your core in your leadership roles as opposed to simply going hastily through the motion of life in the fast lane.


  • Unmask your Truth under the layers accumulated of limiting beliefs, patterns and fears that hold the creation of your desired reality
  • Unlearn the stories you tell yourself, and systems that have worked so far
  • Unleash your unique, powerful and unapologetic truth
  • Integrate personal habits to ground the learnings and practices for your Fierce Feminine to merge within through alchemy
  • Unlimited email support
  • V.I.P. Day for 6 months or ½ Day for 3 months: In person, customized, immersive experience to embody all learnings


a la carte

Hourly power sessions for quick yet deep insight on a challenge.

the thriving

12 weekly advisory sessions comprising of the services listed above.

the luminous

24 weekly advisory sessions comprising of the services listed above.

Tatiana comes from a deep place of experience,which is so meaningful because it isn’t judgmental, but empathetic – incredibly necessary in her line of work. Her personal story combined with her Tony Robbins training and her niche understanding of Feminine Essence and Intelligence is what makes her approach unique and ideal for a business woman like myself.

-Nancy Habashi, Habashi Marketing

Book your complimentary conversation

  • A 45 minute one-on-one personal conversation.
  • Renewed clarity about what the story that is holding you back
  • Actionable insights you can apply immediately
  • An introduction to my Advising methodology that nurtures inner discovery for embodying your bold truth.
  • To qualify, please sign up here and we will send you a short application and questionnaire.