The high achieving woman is on the brink of a powerful rise or forever gazing through the ever-looming glass ceiling….

  • Last year, 25% of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies decided to turn in their letters of resignation.
  • For those who stay, only 15-24% of women occupy Board of Director seats and corner offices.
  • Despite this, the companies with the highest levels of female leadership see up to 74% greater return.
  • Women are 114% more likely to start their own businesses than 20 years ago.

Clearly, we know our potential. Clearly, they know our power.

So, why the disconnect?

It’s time for us to bridge the gap between our potential and our powerful rise to uncompromised professional actualization. But first, we have to bridge the gap with-in.

  • Have you forgotten who you are inside?
  • Are you depleted from your hustling to achieve and life in over-drive?
  • Are you being the Leader you really could be?
  • Are you longing for fulfilling intimacy and Love?
  • What about your kids? Who is the parent they model everyday?

Join me and a group of incredible and diverse experts for three days to reset, recharge, reclaim, and unapologetically own the power you already have within.

This reset educates and empowers you to bridge the inner gap in order to effortlessly rise to a new level of success as your authentic, feminine self.

Move through these days to another level of understanding and clarity about yourself and your innate intelligence through radical educational content, introspective exercises, intimate sessions with experts in an immersive environment.

This goes beyond a seminar, a retreat, a workshop…

This is a full-body, immersive, emotional and physical transformational experience.

This is a Mind Body & Soul immersive and transformational experience in a beautifully intimate home setting complete with a DJ, natural elements, in a safe space. You’ll be immersed in a powerful environment with women experts who will guide you in resetting your focus on your core essence, recharging your vibration and reclaiming your powerful truth to become more of you…


in an intimate, luxurious Melrose escape

three steps for your rise

celebrate the power you already have within – it is yours.