Reconnecting with the Human Factor to business

When people thrive, economies grow.


Time for an upgrade if you are still experiencing these old issues in your leadership, culture, or business:


  • Low engagement driving low productivity
  • High Management turnover and volatility 
  • Unfulling financial results 
  • Stalled growth
  • Internal culture disheartment 
  • Low company value

Together we ignite transformation with powerful core principles of a human centric business model.

Eight emotional quotients of relationally intelligent leaders:


it’s your purpose, your soul’s calling. Purpose propels far more impactful success.


Serve the servants. “Managing people starts with the ability to put yourself in their shoes.” BOB (from Disney!)


Be authentic, genuine, transparent. Builds strong connections, promotes trust, nurtures effective communication.


“Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front. One of the most important weapons is humility because when people do not perceive you as a threat, they open and embrace your leadership.” Nelson Mandela.


The ability to believe in something greater than what can be seen and propensity to count on a strategic inner GPS system – called intuition – to champion direction for a vision and make long terms decisions


Outstanding Leaders speak last because they know how to listen. Being present is being centered, aware and mindful while not needing to defend, promote or fear in any given moment and challenge.


The ability to pivot quickly commands presence and the capacity to bend, like a bamboo tree, without breaking under the circumstances. Adapt to the new game of business where winning is no longer the only viable end result.


A value that one can never have enough of… as an inner source of reference, and reverence, in order to take action aligned with congruence. It is like a mountain without a top: one may never have enough!

For leaders, teams, and organizations:

Select from any of all to ensure flow and alignment in companies, optimize people in Leadership, improve process in systems, and structure business models to generate sustainable and impactful growth.


I work with the organization’s selected executive governance to assess and recalibrate its leadership efficacy, untether within a highly effective core system. Together, we reconnect the leader to the bolder purpose, deeper meaning, and intentional impact of the organization’s Mission & Vision.


Leadership is operating from a place of self awareness, sovereign confidence, purpose, as well as the ability to thrive. I advise CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders to shift their leadership governance by merging strategic intelligence with emotional intelligence to cause the following results:


  • Engage & Inspire, by being Relationally Intelligent sovereign leaders
  • Engage & Inspire, by being Relationally Intelligent sovereign leaders
  • Align & Transcend, by structuring internal systems that integrate company processes with company spirit
  • Capture & Fuel the efficacy of a people centric business model, by strengthening, inspiring and uniting people as the cause for organizational growth


When people thrive, economies grow.

Learn to build a community of belonging and empowered diversity, in order for team members to: perform with Relational Intelligence, expand individually as well as collectively with strengthened consciousness, and be incentivized by the organization’s Spirit.


Alignment: 360 EQ Team Assessment

    • 8 Emotional & Intellectual Quotients of Relationally Intelligent Leadership
    • Communicating, Leading, Mentoring with EQ and IQ
    • Aligning Executive Governance with Team Leadership and organization’s spirit


Customized Training & Teaching

    • Disrupting & Deconstructing the Gap to embrace, celebrate and implement participatory practices for DEI and Racial differences.
    • Gender Intelligence training
    • Gender Intelligence training
    • Reconnecting the H factor to Business: Mission, Values and creating Human Centric Strategy


Uplifting Team’s Values & Spectrum for Growth

    • Team’s Thriving Strategy: Cultivating Highly Effective Leadership Teams that generate results
    • Team’s mission: Grounding Confidence in the Values of a Regenerative and redistributive process
    • Team’s Mindfulness Practices


Thriving High Performance is the result of a coherent polarity between a people-centered system and an accountable professional structure.

Humans thrive when they belong to an uplifting, intentional, meaning driven community. When humans thrive, businesses and economies grow. Crisis proof your leadership & organization, with high performance Advisory & Coaching. Expand your performance and achieve exponential growth, for yourself and for your business.


1. Organizational Spirit

    • Align Core Values, Mission, and Purpose
    • Inspire and Incentivize a cultural spirit that enforces practices to embrace, celebrate and champion all racial, gender, generational & cultural differences
    • Foster engagement, retention, innovation and unity through 8 Emotional & Intellectual Quotients of Relationally Intelligent Leadership


2. Structure: A regenerative & redistributive operation

    • Prioritize employee empowerment and accountable executive governance: invest, educate, train, mentor inside and out of the organization
    • Implement “value added” centric Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service strategies versus scarcity driven methods
    • Target purpose driven financial results powered by a thriving human workforce


3. System

    • Relationally Intelligent Culture: Sovereign Leaders empowered by 8 Emotional & Intellectual Quotients
    • Adaptive Growth: Agility in pivoting quickly with purpose and boldness while still generating a meaningful impact
    • Scaling while Contributing: Escalate processes to give back internally and to the community as growth