Is your Leadership Performance generating targeted outcomes?

Once upon a time, Leadership and Power reigned vertically, authoritatively, self indulgently, individualistically, forcefully and with a scarcity mindset.


Time for an upgrade if you are still experiencing these old issues:


  • Low engagement driving low productivity
  • High Management turnover and volatility 
  • Unfulling financial results 
  • Stalled growth
  • Internal culture disheartment 
  • Low company value

Expand your ratio of genius and uplift your high performance that translate into thriving employees and intentional financial success

Align your Leadership, Teams and Business Model for Sustainable, Uplifting and Impactful Performance:

  • Revolutionize Leadership, Re-Inspire Teams and Restructure your business model for empowered results.


  • Align the Structure, Systems and Spirit of your organization to favor values & process over outcomes & profits.


  • Rebuild your corporate culture with a more accountable, inclusive and uplifting Spirit


  • Enhance Leadership to influence powerfully & effectively through empathy, transparency and vulnerability.


  • A robust, empowered and human-centric culture infuses in organizations Gender-Intelligent unifying processes and Multigenerational appreciation to leverage cohesion rather than division.

Together we ignite this transformation by remembering that without powerful core principles of a human centric Leadership, Team and Business model, Performance is forever locked in stagnancy by purposeless businesses, unfulfilling connections & extrinsic transactional values.


For individual & collective peak performance to become a sustainable benchmark, not a destination, a unique & inspiring work context must exist that combines intent, meaningful impact and relational richness.


Business thrives only when people thrive.

How to Lead & Influence with 8 Core Principles


it’s your purpose, your soul’s calling. Purpose propels far more impactful success.


Serve the servants. “Managing people starts with the ability to put yourself in their shoes.” BOB (from Disney!)


Be authentic, genuine, transparent. Builds strong connections, promotes trust, nurtures effective communication.


“Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front. One of the most important weapons is humility because when people do not perceive you as a threat, they open and embrace your leadership.” Nelson Mandela.


The ability to believe in something greater than what can be seen and propensity to count on a strategic inner GPS system – called intuition – to champion direction for a vision and make long terms decisions


Outstanding Leaders speak last because they know how to listen. Being present is being centered, aware and mindful while not needing to defend, promote or fear in any given moment and challenge.


The ability to pivot quickly commands presence and the capacity to bend, like a bamboo tree, without breaking under the circumstances. Adapt to the new game of business where winning is no longer the only viable end result.


A value that one can never have enough of… as an inner source of reference, and reverence, in order to take action aligned with congruence. It is like a mountain without a top: one may never have enough!

Leadership & Team Training Packages:

Redesigning an Intelligent Corporate Culture: Bridging the gaps in Gender, Generation & Genius to thrive

How to soften the edges of differences so they become a source of celebration for complementarity, deeper empathy and respect within a polarized system. What are the necessary values to integrate in corporate culture so Gender is no longer a source of inequality but a benchmark for applauding differences. Just as ominous is the crater that separates millennials and boomers in the race for power and leadership. Finally, the core principles needed to access a genius zone are mandatory in order to create any bridge between Genders, Generations or within our own Self . This presentation demonstrates how “bridging” between any polarized forces requires the same timeless core principles.

How Power Transcends Fear: Influencing with lasting and uplifting impact

For Leadership to go beyond the old paradigm rooted in fear based authority, micro management, hierarchy and self-serving interests, new Performance standards must be integrated along with a redefined value based system oriented on meaning and people vs financial growth at any cost. The world has changed forever since COVID 19 and Leadership must shift now to adapt.

Restructure for a New Business Model Post Virus: 7 keys that create a radical shift for a 21st Century Economy

The virus has revealed to the world economies the unsustainability of processes, leaderships, structures, spirits and mindsets of presently failing Businesses. Now more than ever, we have a choice to redesign the way we think about business as an entity serving people to thrive or as just an asset that needs to grow at any cost despite its people and the planet? This model is rooted in the much acclaimed study by Kate Raworth’s “Doughnut Economics” and newly adopted Amsterdam City Doughnut system.

How to Remain in your Genius Zone amid Chaos?

Through scientific evidence, we can all have access to calibrated core energy principles that fuel our unique zone of Genius. How to remain in it to make us more impermeable to chaos’ damaging effects? Furthermore, who do you need to be to expand it?

Cracking the Code: Fierce Feminine Leadership in Business

Research shows that female leaders create companies that are more diverse, innovative and profitable. So, how can you leverage these innate skills on your professional journey?