Beyond your high performance is a deeper, kinder, and bolder version of you.

High-Performance is a mindset and a behavioral pattern animated by a deep desire to rise.


Yet the very formula for “more” success and “more” performance that worked yesterday, ultimately is now your biggest inhibitor for sustained growth.


Transcend that previous formula to design the next version of you. Performance is an inside job. I work with High Performance individuals and organizations seeking to thrive by adopting a human and value centric model for sustainable growth.

Are you ready to go beyond Achievement?

Change starts within you.

This Deep work is for you if:

  • You are intuitively aware that change is inevitable
  • You are experiencing discomfort, or a disconnect, between what you experience now and what you want to experience.
  • You know that your formula for success is now holding you back.
  • You long for a fulfilled life as badly as you long to continue achieving greatly.
  • You are not afraid to commit to yourself and face your fears of lack, insignificance, powerlessness.

Coaching for men.


Todays’ high-performing Men choose the conscious path to their Leadership, Intimacy, Parenting, Legacy. They are called to show up fully to their Life and Business by committing to their polarized core principles that unite compassion, resolve and presence.

  • Men long to give themselves permission to deepen their relational intelligence.
  • Men want to lead with trust, freedom and purpose and be experienced as such.
  • It is time to be a Men are deeply affected by the rise of powerful Women in ways that are rarely spoken of or accounted for.
  • Men seek the tools to access a different bandwidth for Power through a deeper inner spectrum of unique talents, intentions & alignment.

Coaching for women.


The Business world formula for performance and success has conditioned Women to put achievement above fulfilment, function like Men, and stray from their competitive advantage: unapologetic feminine power. Today’s Powerful Women leads and lives from a magnetic inner place. The 21st century Woman Leader owns both Her Masculine drive to achieve and Her Feminine desire for abundance to embody Her version of High Performance in Her life and career.



  • You are ripe and open to create your next version of You in all areas of your life.
  • Your chosen path of success has not afforded you the joy, serenity and core richness you now crave.
  • Your mission includes an irresistible urge to Influence your community with more meaning, more transparence, more beauty.
  • Your (love) life is begging to be re-infused with passion, spontaneity and radiance despite your professional triumphs.

“I cannot recommend Tatiana strongly enough, working with her has revolutionized my thought process impacting both my professional and personal life. Her approach is organic and was tailored to what was going on and relevant in my life at the time of each session. She both guided and challenged me, helping me incorporate both my feminine side and my masculine side into every aspect of my life. Through working with Tatiana I have gained an entire new skill set that I know will propel me forward in accomplishing all that I want to. Anyone looking to level up and live their dream life will highly benefit from her coaching.”


Amy Astrowski. Fashion Director and Entrepreneur.

“For executives and leaders who must navigate the rapidly changing work environment, Tatiana is a gift. Her insightful approach to coaching helps you bring out the best version of yourself and positively change the way you see yourself and lead others. Tatiana helped me identify areas of my life that needed attention in order for me to thrive in business and my relationships, and to firmly understand that the power to make meaningful changes in life comes from within.”


Roger Bain. Director, Media & Thought Leadership at PYXERA Global

“From the very first day that I met Tatiana, it was love at first sight! She exudes a powerful energy that is simply contagious. Tatiana comes from a deep place of experience which makes her approach unique and ideal for a business woman like myself. After three sessions I was already feeling the transformative impact of her coaching both personally and professionally.”


Nancy Habashi, Principal – Branding and Marketing Strategist

“We all create problems for ourselves. Tatiana is a master at peeling back the layers that hide the problem, so you can see it for what it is and make the choice to be a better more authentic version of you. I have not met anyone with stronger intuition for asking the right questions to grasp the core of any challenge, personal or business. I have never felt more understood.”

Petr Sharetskiy. Founder, Petr the Great Tutor.

Executive Coaching Packages

My Coaching intentionally goes deep into the roots of your beliefs, behaviors and patterns formed over your life that have shaped your performance thus far. My methodology aims to Unmask, Unlearn and Unleash within what holds you back from Transcending your High Performance to create the next version of yourself. My process is profound, hence lasting. We create an enduring partnership that lasts 1 year, conceivably 6 months for unique situations. Goals, intentions, personal history are identified early on through a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire and tests in preparation for our debut.

“The Deep Dive”: $10,000

A magnifying glass is held over your challenges to gain clarity, reboot processes, and realign to a higher version of yourself.

  • 8 hours, or 1 day,
  • Physically present with you.
  • Anywhere in the world

“The Matrix”: $55,000

  • 6 months
  • 60 to 90 mns weekly
  • 36 hours minimum. Sessions by video call
  • Crisis management texts, email & additional sessions
  • 1 VIP day customized to your stage of growth. In Person.
  • Anywhere in the world

“The X Factor”: $100,000

  • 1 year
  • 60 to 90 mns weekly
  • 78 hours minimum. Sessions by video call
  • Crisis management texts, email & additional sessions
  • 2 VIP days customized to your stage of growth. In Person.
  • Anywhere in the world