High performance for women is different

High performance for women is different

Femininity is an emerging and powerful force from corporate, masculine norm.

Any ambitious woman in business has experienced being in an environment that is competitive, fast paced, and undeniably masculine. At first, many women, no matter how competitive you are naturally, may feel intimidated or like they don’t belong. And then we adapt.

But we adapt (adaptability being one of our intrinsic feminine qualities) in ways that are not necessarily natural to us or comfortable. We change fundamental things about our demeanor, attitude, and natural instincts to try to “fit” a masculine mold that we think is necessary for high performance. We don’t equate, as a result of what we’re taught by society, that feminine attributes that come natural to us are productive, useful, or profitable in a business setting.


Quite the opposite is true in reality. Companies that are run by female leaders are 33% more profitable. Women and their natural leadership style are high performance. It’s just not the leadership style that has been popular or the majority for the past 100 years and this is why we still do not feel we are where we should be… We have not been authentic leaders and the results are showing ( more stats?) and being felt blatantly.


Change is coming:

Though it is going to take more time, a shift is taking place as we speak. A shift is unraveling in the way that we prefer leaders to behave, treat others, and organize. And this is not only because of social pressure, this is because of numbers. We see better results across the board where there is a balance of masculine and feminine leadership. What used to be seen as the only leadership style for great numbers, growth, and productive employees is no longer enough. As a result, the definition and experience of “high performance” is changing. The door is open for women to lead differently and successfully in a way that comes natural for them.


Who we are is high performance:

The attributes women naturally possess are now a source of strength and growth for companies and organizations of every size. Leaders that are collaborative, supportive, and compassionate are excelling. Women naturally possess these attributes but have been taught culturally to suppress them, especially in leadership positions. For women to capitalize on what they bring to the table, they need to get rid of the masculine masks many wear and allow their femininity to be a part of their leadership strategy. The results will be profit, authentic influence, and innovation based on congruent values that build trust.


Women need to redefine high performance for themselves:

A step towards being a collaborative and authentic leader and rid yourself of the stress and disconnect that masculinity creates within is to redefine success and high performance for you. Leave scarce competitive tendencies against other female leaders behind and embrace inclusive collaboration. Let go of cold and standoffish attitudes and choose empathetic connectivity and personal bonds as they are based in pure character strength. Use your natural propensity for nurturing to build strong business relationships and bring authentic emotions to your work. Staying distant, cold, and hyper single focused on results without bringing the warmth women are capable of is no longer high performance. The numbers don’t lie.


If you’d like to learn more about how to tangibly change your mindset  and and leadership style, join Tatiana and the Radiance Groupies. Tatiana is a former real estate mogul who has perfected the art of magnetic feminine leadership style that has set her apart in her career and brought harmony, success and performance to her life. Now her passion and purpose is to serve you by illuminating the disconnect within that prevents from being the very best version of yourself in Business and in Life.