How do you cultivate natural influence?

How do you cultivate natural influence?


Is there someone you follow?


I mean really follow, not casually see scrolling on your feed, but look forward to hearing from, hang on their words, and take what they have to say to heart? You think about their words after you’ve read them. You reference their 


Do you get excited for their next post, book, or video? 


What is that? What is that magic that some people are able to create that draws others into them and gains their attention and trust?


Deep down, isn’t that what we all want as leaders, business owners, and corporate platers – authentic, natural influence. 


Stories are important to us as people. We live and strive as a result of stories. Inspiration is important to us. Examples of possibilities are important for us. We look for it in other people. 


We look for something to relate to and strive towards in who we follow. 


To be a leader that generates that authentic, magnetic influence is to bring that story, inspiration, and connection to life for others. 


Be present, raw, and relatable to where they feel like you are a safe space to open their hearts to and drop their guard with. 


But also serve as that story and personify that possibility of a better, more fulfilled, and purposeful version of themselves. 


That is what generates sustainable, real, unabridged influence. It’s not cheap leadership tactics based in fear or scarcity or short term gain – it’s leadership that feeds and grows the story within others. People buy into the why not the how. 


Whether you’re a C-suite executive, an entrepreneur, or a new mid-level corporate manager, etc. this ability is invaluable to both your career and life outside work. 


How do you cultivate that natural influence?



  • Tell your good stories – be a story for others 


  • Tell your bad stories – be a source of relatability for others 
  • Empathize with the stories of others 
  • Find the story in others – help others discover their why 


Ready? Let’s work together to cultivate this in your own life and work: 


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