When people ask about what you do, are you enthusiastic to talk about your work and yet feel burnt out each day after work? It can be confusing because it’s easy to look back at the moment when our passion was first discovered, or recall the excitement of that first day of work full optimism to start this new journey. It’s very frustrating to be so overwhelmed and exhausted by something deep down we know we really do love and want in our lives. Furthermore, as most of us have positions of responsibility, our influence on our teams and colleagues is affected when feeling stuck and angry for not demonstrating positivity and passion for our work.


Similar to an intimate relationship, the honeymoon phase isn’t sustainable if a few tools are not anchored intentionally within that space. So with any relationship, the one with our job/passion requires balance and a sustainable methodology in place. How easy is it to get too attached, too exposed, and fall out of love?…


There are several conscious changes you can make to help you stay in a place of balance, productivity, and fulfillment with your work. For managers and executives, these tips are great for promoting workplace satisfaction as well.


Ensure you are acting and leading from your authentic energy:

As a woman high achiever in business, there is a pressure (and I’ve written quite a bit about this) to behave and present yourself in a masculine way to “get ahead”. This belief we hold within to function like men, opposite to our intrinsic woman’s essence, is exhausting and depleting. Running parallel lives, who we are as women outside of work and who we are as women in the office, can take a toll. Luckily, the style of leadership that generates the most profits and fulfillment, and THE ONE companies are now looking for, is a woman’s authentic leadership based on her exclusive powerful feminine qualities: inclusive, creative & innovative, forward thinking, open & growth based, connected & intuitive. For more successful inner and professional harmony, nurturing a relationship with our work, hence leading, in an authentically feminine way proves to be key. You can join the Radiance Tribe to further explore this concept and learn the concrete ways to make this shift in your personal and professional life.


Plan time for a sustainable strategy that includes the bigger picture:

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and forget the why. Scheduling time to reevaluate your big picture professionally and personally allows to reconnect the inner fuses and inspire you to bring passion back to the little tasks. Slowing down enough to feel and know what matters to you speeds up your trajectory towards your clearer vision for your life. Whether it’s creating a vision board or a mind map, dancing or painting, meditating or walking in nature, any activity that expands your heart rewires you inside and aligns you to your strategy. This mindfulness applied to your daily life fuels the feminine strength inside and reinforces the inner qualities to be a better leader.


Build authentic relationships:

One of the biggest indicators of happiness at a job is the relationships we build there. Never underestimate the impact those around you have on you and you on them. The best performing teams are well bonded and relate in a genuine, caring and respectful way to one another. Taking the time to build these relationships matters and consequently our work, and the hours we spend at the office, take on even more meaning. Women are naturally amazing at this but sometimes the masculine masks often worn in business cause the disconnect with their natural qualities. The inclination to believe that a “professional” barrier must be kept with coworkers is only true for healthy boundaries but not for bonding authentically and embracing a relationship-based leadership for the most resilient and happiest teams.  


Know and value your value:

Do you remember what you love so much about your job or passion, and why? Is it keeping your talent bottled up and not putting it to use? Probably not. Valuing you first and foremost simply means taking time to know what matters to you, what do you want to create in your life, how do you want to live it!? Who you choose to be and how you show up every day affects everyone around you. Do not underestimate the day-to-day impact you have on others especially when you are being true, genuine and unapologetically authentic… That is called Influence! Trust yourself even more and have access to your certainty deep down that your truth, your authentic self, is far more valuable than you believe to others. Dare to move forward today with less masks and more of your unique light in order to reach a place of alignment between true fulfillment and ultimate professional potential.


For more concrete ways to avoid burnout by falling back in love with your passion in a way that is authentic and fulfilling, you can join Radiance Tribe as we explore professional and personal fulfillment.