Leading the Edge

For Bold, Daring and Audacious Leaders
A 3 Week LIVE Intensive to Recode Performance

Starting November 10th 2021

Let’s talk about limitations.

Despite all the advances of feminism, there’s still a lot of conditioning that needs to be unpacked from the residue of the patriarchy.

Imposter Syndrome Is Alive and Well

This haunts women at ALL levels of success, from the first day on the job, all the way to CEOs running multimillion dollar companies. Excessive self-questioning, undervaluing skills and talent and self-doubt take up a lot of energy and it’s draining many women of their power to perform.

The Glass Ceiling (Yes! In 2021)

So many women want to advance their career, step into the next level of leadership or ask for that pay raise. Yet the perceived limitations that women place on themselves (not applying for the promotion, focusing on missing credentials or lack of confidence,) all prove how women are getting in their own way and have internalized limiting beliefs.

People Pleasing, Martyr Syndrome and the Good Girl

You know this one right? Shutting off the good girl is hard work. Learning how to say no and create thriving boundaries doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And so many women continue to sacrifice their own wants, desires and dreams in an attempt to keep things comfortable, maintain the status quo and make people happy. (Newsflash: that’s not your responsibility).

Nothing great comes out of comfort. 

Women believe that they’re not going to be taken seriously because they are not taking themselves seriously. And this list is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Women are leaking their power, underperforming and dealing with painful and harmful limitations and blocks. They know something doesn’t feel good. But they’re not necessarily sure how to create change… 

Maybe you’ve tried to overcome the limitations:

You’ve tried working harder, pushing more and more, putting in the long hours and late nights away from your family.

You’ve tried to build your inner confidence, you’ve read the self-help books, listened to the meditations, done the affirmations and journaling exercises, but nothing seems to offer lasting results.

You’ve tried the business strategies, tried productivity hacks, scheduling automation and outsourcing, but you still feel disconnected from your purpose and unable to achieve the performance levels you crave. Your goals remain out of reach.

And yet you still keep running into the same issues. You’re tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. You know you are capable of WAY more, but you’re not sure how to get there.

And you have this intuitive feeling that things could be a whole lot easier.

You’re hungry for change.

You have a vision for the person you want to become.

The bold, audacious and daring powerhouse, who leads with integrity, empathy and authenticity.

Who is standing in her extraordinary sovereign power and can navigate difficult situations and thrive despite disruptions or chaos.

Who honours all of her innate intelligence and easily navigates her professional and personal world from a place of intentionality and wholeness.

A woman who is transforming her limitless life, business and the world.

This is possible.

It’s called MetaPerformance and it’s time to leap-frog your way to the new paradigm of performance.

Starting November 10th 2021


Transcending the costs of high-performance and going beyond its upper limit, connecting logic and strategy, emotional and relational intelligence, with the wisdom of the body and intuition, bridging them all into one performance powerhouse that mutually benefits the individual and the collective.

My Work of Heart . . .

I help high-achieving leaders recode their performance so they can amplify their success and reconnect to their innate intelligence.

Let’s face it, life is complex. Running a business is complex. Figuring out who you are and how to stand in your power is complex. And this complexity isn’t going anywhere. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that today’s leaders must be able to navigate difficult situations with agility, wisdom and speed. 

And yet, so many people continue to rely solely on logic and strategy, not realizing they are missing the other components of the performance equation. I see this over and over in my boutique advising agency. Successful leaders are disconnected, exhausted and burnt out because they’ve been over-relying on strategy, hard work and pressure to achieve the performance goals they desire. But it’s just not working. 

This was common practice for me as well when I was running a $50 Million luxury hospitality brand and franchise that I co-founded and built from the ground up. Despite being incredibly successful, I felt disconnected and empty inside. I knew something needed to change and that the way I was leading wasn’t sustainable. 

Leading From the EDGE

I devised my exit strategy and boldly and audaciously decided to write the next chapter of my life. I sold everything and moved across the continent to LA. I devoted myself to understanding all things transformation. I studied with Tony Robins for a year and worked with Ontological Coaches focusing on integrating feminine power.

I healed.

Throughout the process, I uncovered that my purpose is to disrupt the world of performance. The old paradigm of performance leaves people limited, exhausted and miserable, disconnected from their innate intelligence or a life of meaning beyond the bottom line.

Throughout my own internal transformation, I did the hard work off recoding my own performance and I studied MetaPerformance. MetaPerformance allowed me to rewire myself to achieve differently, from a place of sovereignty, integrity and intentionality. I had to question everything and my level of curiosity and devotion led me to the place I am today, a strategic business advisor to high-achieving leaders.

Today my advising, coaching and teaching bring honour and beauty to the wholeness of each person that I work with, teaching them how to connect to their genius, to their love and their capacity to achieve the impossible, for the world and for themselves. I believe the impossible is possible and I teach others how to embody MetaPerformance for their limitless potential.

I realized that the secrets of MetaPerformance needed to be available to a wider audience and instead of simply working with my one-to-one advising clients, I wanted to make these transformational codes of performance available to the wider public.

Which is why I created….

Leading the Edge

MetaPerformance for Bold, Daring and Audacious Leaders
A 3-Week Intensive to Recode Performance And Step into Your Limitless Potential

Starting November 10th 2021


It's time.

It’s time to recode and rewire, using the secrets of MetaPerformance, the healing balm that your soul has been craving, that your intuition has been whispering to you is the next step of your success.

Each session will unpack the old and archaic paradigm of performance and you will learn how to intentionally recode and rewire your unique operating system based on a combination of strategy and innate intelligence.

You can leverage your radical self-agency, honour your wholeness and step into your full leadership potential. 

It’s time to disrupt the performance paradigm and embody a new kind of performance.

Starting November 10th 2021

What's Inside Leading the Edge?

Learn The 7 Secrets of MetaPerformance

What if? Bridging your Gap

Learn how to leverage Neuroscience and Epigenetics to embody a new tier of consciousness and fuel your performance through your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Your paradigm is Leading your Edge.

Polarity is Power: Embodying your Duality

Learn how to overthrow the binary lens and dependence on external sources, metrics, accolades, approval and validation. Understand how to leverage the power of your intuitive intelligence and embody MetaPerformance for you to rely on your internal metrics.

Embolden your Voice: The Elephant, The Ostrich and The Edge

Learn how to voice courage through genuine communication that drives systemic change in yourself, your business, culture and society. Use your voice, message and integrity to clearly and effectively communicate your boundaries, emotions and discomforts, as well as your purpose, vision and mission when Leading the Edge. It matters.

Curate your HeartMath: Your Secret Sauce

Learn why 90% of Silicon Valley leaders know that raising your EQ index is the accelerator for personal and professional business transformation. Diversity, inclusion, equity, innovation, collaboration, empathy and the courage to boldly Lead the Edge all stem from one source = the heart’s resilience.

Infinite Power: How to Master the Edge

To Lead the Edge, powerful choices must be made. Learn how to let go of all things not powerful: fixing, people-pleasing, codependency on external validation, perfection and fear of failure. Be an extraordinary Leader who exercise power with, instead of power over, and can detach from the outcome because what you resist persists.

Unshackle Your Natural SuperPowers: The Most Coveted “Soft Skills”

Learn how to capitalize on uncertainty as an asset, not a liability and agilely navigate complexity and chaos. Speed, innovation, creativity and agility help overcome the barriers of the old paradigm of performance that over relies on top-down strategy, structure and vertical management. You have all it takes within your essence to surf the edge naturally.

Ground Baby Ground: Blow Your Glass Ceiling!

Learn how to leapfrog limits by integrating structure and strategy as vital pillars to your ambition and ascension. Daily discipline and devotion to exercising inner organizational health fuels extraordinary Self-Leadership and supports the emergence of your limitless potential. A strong foundation allows you to weather chaos and continue thriving despite disruption while navigating the Edge. Blowing your glass ceiling requires your inner incredible hulk!

MetaPerformance In Action = Limitless Potential

Intentionally embody MetaPerformance and develop sovereignty over your life and leadership to reconnect to your genius. Experience the ripple effects of MetaPerformance individually in your professional world and personal life and on the planet for the collective. Become the bold, daring and audacious leader you envision and step into your limitless potential.

Unlock the secrets of MetaPerformance for only $333. Apply Now. Spots are limited.

Starting November 10th 2021

This Three Week Intensive is LIVE

What’s included in LEADING THE EDGE ...

8 LIVE calls where you will learn the Secrets of MetaPerformance.

Workbooks to ground your learning and help support your performance transformation.

Access to a powerful community of women dedicated to becoming bold, daring and audacious leaders.

Get your questions answered, embody the transformational knowledge and integrate MetaPerformance into your being as you learn live with Tatiana.


Upgrade your Transformation Now

LEADING THE EDGE + 1 Personal Advising Session $555

1 x 60-minute Personal Advising Session to anchor the secrets of MetaPerformance and help you fully integrate your transformation. Spots are limited.
Apply now to secure your seat.

LEADING THE EDGE + 3 Personal Advising Sessions $777

3 x 60 minute Personal Advising Session to anchor the secrets of MetaPerformance and help you fully integrate your transformation. Spots are limited.
Apply now to secure your seat.
What you can expect:


A high degree of commitment from all participants. You must be dedicated to your own transformation and willing to do the (often uncomfortable) work of self-agency.

Thriving Leadership

The more each leader understands their own sovereignty, becomes bold, audacious, innovative and empathetic, the more the company will thrive.

Business Expertise

A rare and incredibly valuable combination of business expertise and a genuinely deep love of all things business + strategy. Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.


Performance is an inside game and transforming mindset to thrive despite disruption involves each leader being fully aligned, congruent and operating as a deeply committed leader.

Fierce Coaching

Exceptional emotional and relational intelligence, deep spirituality, ontological coaching, and an intuitive and nurturing partner who expertly guides you to the next level of embodied performance.

Tangible Results

When leaders master MetaPerformance the results are far beyond what you can even perceive is possible at this moment.
Expect the impossible.

"Tatiana never gives up and she will never give up on her clients. For me knowing she will be out there sharing her success secrets with executive women makes me extremely excited for this world. To those of you that choose to work with this radiant being consider yourself blessed, her deep knowledge and passion for your success will help you transform your life.
You are a beautiful human being Tatiana, and I adore you!"
Lisa LaJoie
Lionboss at Tapping Into It INC

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Once payment is received, you'll get all the juicy details about the course from Tatiana personally, so you can dive in and embody your MetaPerformance transformation and step into your limitless potential.

MetaPerformance to Amplify Your Success

Expand into your next level of success and accelerate your performance.

Boldly and courageously lead with both strategy and intuition and thrive with agility, presence and purpose.

Starting November 10th 2021

Leading the Edge

The Course Promise

If you are hungry for change, commit to showing up and implementing the performance strategies you learn,
without a doubt, this work will support your transformation in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

Leading the Edge will accelerate your performance in every aspect of life.
By intentionally embodying MetaPerformance, you will become the bold, daring and audacious leader
that your soul is craving and that the world needs.
You’ll learn how to operate in your sovereign power, honour your integrity and own your zone of genius.

The secrets of MetaPerformance will equip you with the skills you need to lead your life on the edge,
free from the status quo, free from a life of comfortable mediocrity and free from the limitations
that have been holding you back.

It’s time. 

Meet Your Leader

Tatiana Dudyez is a fierce business advisor who offers a rare combination of high-level experience and expertise and ontological coaching using intuition and wisdom to support her clients’ performance transformation.

Growing up on a small island off the coast of Australia, Tatiana learned how to explore and expand and felt the freedom of her innate intelligence. As a child, her father gave her a pair of stilts to play with and she was encouraged to explore and push the limits of what she believed she was capable of. After a small tumble, Tatiana cut herself on the corner of a table.

What happened next was remarkable. Instead of telling Tatiana to be careful or to stop stretching and playing around, her father said nothing. Instead, he cut the corners off every table in the house. From there Tatiana learned how to rise above the status quo, how to expand into her full potential and stand above the world of comfort. Tatiana learned to never let fear stop her from leading her life on the edge.

Leading from the edge has been a theme throughout Tatiana’s life, both professionally and personally, she has always been dedicated to navigating through fear, discomfort and uncertainty. It’s on the edge where you find out the truth of who you are and what you are capable of.

Tatiana is still doing that today. Her signature course Leading the Edge is an expression of her dedication to her soul’s calling, to share her knowledge, wisdom, and fierce expertise with women who are ready to expand and excel into their next level of performance.

A passionate leader, teacher and coach, Tatiana is committed to the fullest expression of her soul and using her gifts and talents to support women and the world.

Starting November 10th 2021

Are you ready to Lead the Edge?

Let’s weigh the options. You could spend $333 on your next interview outfit. Or you could visit a spa for the day for some “me time” and keep living your life from a place of comfort.


You could click that Enroll Now button and take the next step to overcome what’s holding you back (Hint: the old performance paradigm). You could learn how to recode your understanding of performance and lead from a place of integrity, empathy and sovereignty.

Your future is waiting. The time is now.

Are you ready to become the bold, daring and audacious leader of your limitless dreams?

Starting November 10th 2021

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