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Your Mission is to master the superpower you withhold

To truly Thrive on the outside, you must be Whole on the inside.

Your inner genius comes from plugging into your warrior-like masculine power and feminine power.

I understand what it feels like to hit a wall, be in crisis, and want more for you while feeling boxed in. You feel conditioned

and limited by a business world that overemphasizes achieving, doing, struggling, and grinding your way to the top.

Our Male-dominated model of the world has taught Women that being a Warrior is the only way to high performance,

yet it is unsustainable, exhausting and exclusive of Women’s innate qualities and healing Light.

All you need is already within…

Discovering your new power can unleash a new form of self-leadership which:

  • Is integrated in your truth
  • Can be revolutionary and globally impactful
  • Ignites undeniable fierce radiance on the inside
  • Empowers you to lead with mastery on the outside

What is happening to women in business…

  • We stack responsibilities
  • We stretch ourselves thin
  • We feel the need to convince others of our strength
  • We assimilate ourselves to the culture
  • We mold our communication to fit in
  • We dress to be taken seriously
  • We believe we need to act like men
    We play it safe…

This makes us…

  • Feel inauthentic
  • Feel unfulfilled with career and life
  • Feel tension, stress, and overwhelmed
  • Feel isolated or lonely at the top
  • Feel diminished intimacy
  • Feel less mindful as mothers, partners, and friends
  • Feel control and perfection are keys to success
  • Feel insecure, doubtful, even powerless
    Not daring enough…

Illuminate your Feminine Intelligence, Merge your power, and Become more of you!

Maximize your Power

Operate from alignment with the fullness of who you truly are; Power is an inside job!

Create Sustainable Performance

Generate your success by allowing ease and flow to create effortless methods of doing and achieving results.

Magnetize Your Influence

Become a naturally charismatic magnet with strategic intuitive vision and contagious inner light.

Be a Conscious & Authentic Leader

Lead with alignment between your values and your business; Inspire authenticity, integrity and loyalty; Achieve mutual success and consistent high-level performance.

Embody your Power

Time to dare! Have the strength and courage to thrive unapologetically and own your light; Experience unbridled joy and ease.

Unleash the Art of Success AND Fulfillment

Make your dream the possibility: Lead, Love and Live limitlessly what your deepest truth calls for every day while centered in your unique unapologetic Power.

The Thriving

One full day one-on-one with Tatiana
Follow up email support for one month after
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The Flourishing

Three months exclusive and transformational custom coaching (12 sessions) 
Unlimited email support
Radiance Tribe membership

The Luminous

Six months custom personal coaching
VIP day included and unlimited email support
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