We are wired for connections and growth yet we inevitably stand in our own way. The system we developed for success all of a sudden fails us and we get lost, feel isolated and cannot seem to identify the blind spots through the forest of limiting beliefs holding us back from the next peak.

My mission is to Advise & Coach high performers how to operate from a place of unabridged inner intelligence so they lead with fierce, innovative and empathic presence. My talent is to unmask the blocks, thus guide individuals and companies to find their answers from the inside out and create solutions from the outside in.

My leadership signature is Compassionate Disruption.

Before transitioning full-time into speaking and coaching, I spent 20+ years as successful entrepreneur, including 15 years at the head of a luxury corporate housing franchise in Canada. Building this multi-million dollar system allowed me to discover the Code to a new High Performance & compelling Leadership worth impacting people, the bottom line & the world emanate from commitment to Centered, Authentic, Mindful Presence and Power.

Change is ignited by creating an immersive, disruptive and empathetic space for individual & team’s various challenges at hand such as for instance: engagement, innovation or diversity. Returning to vulnerability, radically honest conversations and self-accountability are some of the values used in the training & coaching processes of peeling back the layers towards bringing back in the workplace the fuel people, and organizations, crave the most for the highest levels of performance: Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment.

Invest in your people.



Engage your team through Training, Group coaching and think tank facilitation to inspire authentic leadership. Creating a win-win strategy unifying individual, team and company defined outcomes for tangible results is my mandate. Cracking the code for a new, more conscious high performance is my process for instilling the keys to uplift people and businesses to be a force for good, create impact through deeper meaning and use our collective Intelligence to transform, adapt and achieve. My team Training includes individual coaching follow up to ensure a better application of the training.

TRAINING TRILOGIES: Engagement-Retention–Respect | Vulnerability-Innovation-Results | Presence-Purpose-Power | Inclusion-Sustainability-Performance | Custom collaborations


My mission is to teach high performers how to operate from an inner wholesome intelligence so they lead with fierce, creative and empathic presence. I am known for my unique, transformational Advising & Coaching style that ignites leaders to return to their unique core truth for a higher level of performance, while honoring meaning, purpose and fulfilment as primordial values in seeking a new paradigm. My gift is to quickly identify the repressed parts of your unconscious that hold you back from realizing your true potential. My leadership style is radically honest. My acumen is rooted in successful business ownership, mastering the keys to Conscious High Performance, and expertise in bridging the behavioral & mindset gap between men and women.



I will work with you to deliver an inspiring and actionable presentation for your audience.


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