Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Unveiling one’s truth generates a sense of safety and freedom for all other truths to rise and lift us individually and collectively.


My job is to deeply connect with my audience and create a bubbling desire within each individual so they are compelled to take action towards optimizing their power and performance.

Here are my keynote topics:


Feminine Intelligence: Secrets to Influence, Power and Performance

The introduction to a unique perspective on the media-jaded topic of “Power” and tackles the concept of women’s ability to influence change with an unorthodox angle that challenges the mindset most high-achieving women have been raised to believe. Guaranteed to put into question how you present yourself to the world and lead change.


Power Strategy: How to “Be” Powerful

We define what “Power” actually is and what it isn’t and clarify the difference between “being” and “doing” as it relates to power. Participants walk away with clear results-packed actions to apply in their lives for immediate impact.

Change starts with communication and awareness. Let’s teach you how to unleash the Woman in the Executive.

Change starts HERE

“My mission is to mobilize these women to rise to the peak of their femininity, radically redefine success, and live, love and lead intentionally and congruently.”