When Leading With Energy Achieves More Than Strategy

When Leading With Energy Achieves More Than Strategy

Business is about results, exploiting a product or a service in order to generate revenues so the bottom line is positive and expansive, it creates jobs and opportunities for society and feeds our economy. How to achieve business success: combination of strategic planning is necessary to reach outcomes WITH strategic management meant to align activities & processes with mission, vision throughout an organization. Are you asleep yet? So what is missing…?

Head based, or an intellectual approach to the strategy required to lead a business to success is crucial, inevitable and mandatory. However, what most leaders are bypassing for magnified success is Energy. Being a powerful leader is the ability to align all forces within – and peripheral – to ensure maximum impact on the humans being led to success, for the business results. The forces within are the part commonly omitted by leaders likely judging those as unproven or unmeasurable, part of a dubious EQ bank composed of unreliable emotions, and not likely to be part of the Business plan and growth projections…yet they should, and here is why….!!!!

Human Energy is the most valuable leadership resource of all—yet rarely are we taught how to identify it, harness it, let alone manage it. The business world is slowly opening up the various key aspects of leadership emanating from non-pragmatic or academically based skills, Human Energy now being respected as instrumental by top Business Schools, corporations or subject of literary dissertation.

Courses offered at UBC Sauder school of Business teach “methods for increasing your energy capacity and managing your personal energy for effective leadership action. Think and move strategically for sustained energy levels. Establish the healthy habits required for peak performance. Lead from an authentic and inspiring energized state.” I love reading that a Business school focuses on inspiring Leaders to BE authentic… How refreshing!

Books such as master coach Bruce D. Schneider’s on “Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core” has been written to identify 7 energetic levels which affect not only how one experiences life daily, but also how it impacts greatly on a leader’s capacity to influence and create.

The 1st Level being the lowest amount of available power characterized by the highest level of catabolic energy (destructive or negative). At this energy level one’s perception of life is of a victimized, apathetic or lethargic orientation. While the highest 7th level is living an expansive life while exercising a non judgmental approach and experiencing absolute passion! When at level 7, the best Leaders create, observe and experience simultaneously. “People who operate at this level, tend to be pioneers in creativity and innovation.”

Living an Energy Rich Life is committing to nurture your level 7 energetic life! It implies a decision for yourself to manage your Energy as your most precious source of Power within that may be nourished, sustained and protected very carefully daily. HuffPost published an article “Energy: the Leader’s edge”  which shows a “Human Performance Pyramid” illustrating the model for high performance in achievers’ ever-increasing demanding lives.

  • I particularly appreciate that at the top of the pyramid, the Spiritualdimension is regarded as symbiotic with their Life Force and ensures their mission’s success while helping leaders understand, build, and grow character. All adults have been predisposed to living life through the conditions of their past, so awakening to embrace living in a Limitless way, is freeing to create an even larger vision AND life.
  • The Mentaldimension refers to being laser focused on the main vision or goal at hand…
  • While the Emotionalone speaks of choosing to see the GIFT in all that happens for you every day. A choice is made when a glass is seen half full, or when a lesson is extracted from any given circumstance and turned into a gift. Its not only possible, but mandatory for an outstanding Leader whose growth mindset select those lenses to look at life.
  • Finally, the last dimension is the Physicalone primarily elevated by the crucial choices in exercise and nutrition one makes daily… Not to be underestimated, a physically thriving leader has way more resilience, stamina and patience.

Being a fabulously effective, compelling and influential leader is NOT about sacrificing health, fulfillment and family. In my life, as well as in my Coaching, successful and permanent results emanate when clarity is attained on one’s alignment with the intention to Lead, Live Love congruently and authentically. For the fabulous women in business who have limiting beliefs about their 2 worlds possibly colliding – Life and Business – more and more data is coming out to prove the value of choosing an Energy Rich Life to fuel your claim to Power whose Radiance is one of the irresistible results…