We all have “fog” in our consciousness. 


In one of my past companies, I once experienced the onset of an internal coup orchestrated by some partners hungry for more power, more control, more authority. Past the initial shock, my discovery not only dissolved the attempt but shed light on the carnage ego and fear generate within people and companies. Chaos ensued, uncertainty reigned within my team, skepticism presided in meetings, mistrust percolated through the air…let alone my anger which impregnated my entire being! I chose to keep the instigating partner despite my nauseating aversion. Why? Because back then I was scared of not being able to handle the sales department alone additional to my operating the whole company. I had blinspots. I was fearing my incompetency. I did not have the tools I have today, nor the confidence in my strength. 


Would I handle it again the same way today? Absolutely not! I would fire her the next day knowing full well that I am never handed anything I cannot move through successfully AND this behavior is deplorable. Period. And I learned so much about myself… So thank you.


We create thought patterns, neurological pathways formed out of fear and ego that lead to blindspots. We all have them. 


We’ve created these out of necessity; out of survival. At one point, creating the fog and blind spots helped us get through painful events. It’s part of our human “fight or flight” response from Ego to create congestion preventing clarity & vulnerability from arising. Ego’s protective defense system feeds off fear and scarcity, and robs any chance of daring leadership from emerging.


Good for you, Ego, for doing your job! But you are hindering us when it’s time to see with clear eyes and hearts. 

As we are bathing now in a world of fear and anger, it’s sincerely vital for each of us to take charge of this inner mechanism so we do not succumb to a fraying mindset that will have a fraying effect on our already suffering world. 


Blindspots permeates, modifying our perceptions, steering how we move through relationships, business, and our own personal internal conflicts and conversations. 

And although the blind spots and congestion assist us at one point, they hinder us when it’s time to see with clear eyes and lead with open hearts. 


We can’t turn them off and on. They’re always there, determining our perceptions, steering how we lead and how we move throughout relationships, business, and our own personal internal conflicts and conversations. 


The “blockages” we have created to protect us affect us at all times. 


How powerful would it be to peer into our world and its possibilities without the fog? 


It’s possible and it takes commitment. The more obstructions you remove, the more clarity you receive. The more perspective you gain, the more power you own. The more you can respond and operate from a space of your inner strength rather than conditioned fear, expectation and forceful control. 


The results are life changing: 

  • Relationships with less bias and more powerful discernment. 
  • Business with clear intention and purpose at the core. 
  • Decisions rooted in your truth and wisdom instead of fear. 


Do you want to lead with blindspots or with clarity and strength? I’ve been working personally with business leaders facing bumps, fog and unveiling the blindspots they never knew were there!  We have been working on detecting the emotional safety nets they created in order to have direct access to the core of their values and truths.

Most importantly, we focus on how they can make this internal shift shine outwards to their organizations and their leadership style. 


The work starts within. Only then can you lead not only your business but your life’s path to purpose with complete authenticity.

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