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Strategic Business Advisor and Coach, Performance Disruptor, Speaker and Creator of Leading the Edge

An entrepreneurial businesswoman by trade, Tatiana combines her proven success record as the co-founder of a $50 Million dollar Luxury Hospitality Brand and Franchise with her talent for advising and coaching successful high achievers to optimize their performance.

Tatiana offers the extremely rare and valuable intersection of elite business strategy + transformational coaching, wisdom and fierce feminine power to help clients embody a revolution of human performance.

This powerful multi-dimensional approach to human performance creates a deeply nurturing space where today’s leaders can learn how to re-code the formula for success. 

Tatiana teaches how to boldly embody sovereignty and congruence and reconnect individuals, teams and corporations to their humanity. Reawakening the extraordinary in leaders allows all to excel in a new paradigm that benefits humans, the business and the planet.

Tatiana’s Signature Talks

The Fierce Feminine Leader

Owning your Feminine Power to
Drive Bold Change

Leading the Edge

Recoding The new Paradigim of Perfomance For Sovereign, Bold and Empathetic Leaders

The Medicine of Metaperformance

Disrupt + Recode For the Benefit of the Individual, Collective and Planet

Tatiana In Action

Tatiana is a true gem! I had to pleasure of attending an Ellevate Network Los Angeles speaking engagement where Tatiana spoke about the topic of feminine power. 

Not only was she extremely knowledgeable in the topic of addressing the contrast of gender-specific leadership styles, but she was great with helping all of us to expand our thoughts and minds to help create great visions for finding our own place when leading in organizations. 

When I met with Tatiana for one-on-one discussions and advice, her analysis and recommendations were beyond my expectations. I can’t say enough about what a pleasure she was to learn from, and I look forward to working with her again soon.

– Dominique Langerman

Merrill Lynch, Financial Advisor

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Winner of The Make Change Award – Feb 7, 2019

Founded in 2015, the MakeChange Awards is one of the leading events that honors those companies and organizations creating the most positive social economic, and environmental sustainability impact for a better world.

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