Welcome to my Key Pre-Coaching Questionnaire!

I am so excited to be working with you and honored that you trust me for your journey.
I teach the High Achiever Woman how to merge the force of her Warrior with that of her unapologetic Feminine Spirit to Shine her Why in business, while Thriving with life altering Freedom & Joy…that impact lives in the most meaningful way.

Please put some thought into your answers. Take your time, there is no rush. This information will assist me in understanding you and your needs. Please email this document to me prior to our conversation. Enjoy!

Your Name
Your Email
Business Name
Cell Phone
Share 5 facts about your personal background - anything that you believe will help me understand you and allow me to better support you.
What are the 5 top accomplishments, thus far, in your life?
What is the hardest thing you ever had to overcome?
What are your primary stressors?
What major shifts, leaps or changes do you believe you need to make in your life?
What habits, activities or thought processes do you believe need to be dropped, simplified or let go of, in order to truly move forward?
How do you want to feel in your life moving forward? If you had a magic wand -☺ that allows you to feel exactly how you want to FEEL in your life…How would you experience life?
What are your dreams, passions, worries, stresses? Who are you now, and who are you committed to becoming?
What does commitment look like, and what are you ready to agree to in order to move forward with experiencing your life in the way you choose (hours, energy, financial for example)?
Where are you most irresponsible?
What are you tolerating?
What motivates you? What do you get energy from?
What does being coached mean to you?
How committed are you to being coached when experiencing triggers, fears and discomfort? And how do you normally behave when feeling those emotions?
How will you know that you are experiencing our coaching relationship in a powerful way?
What areas of your life are you experiencing energy, versus a sense of depletion?
Describe your intimate relationship with your Man, if you have one ☺
Who are you as a parent?
DARE to feel free to add more Comments, this is for YOU!