The Lie We Are Told About Achieving Success


It’s April 4th, 2020, we are all confined in our homes because of a global pandemic. As I sit here in my new Santa Monica house, I realize, on this Saturday morning, that this “little” invisible virus has actually imposed the very thing I have been preaching, teaching, and “screaming” to who is willing to listen: go home!


Bear with me.
What is screaming at me indeed is that We – Humanity – have been functioning as robots, unconsciously conditioned by a rigorous, tangible, and predictable mindset that warrants a direct and frantic roadmap to achieve success at any cost. And I don’t mean this lightly. We are ready to achieve this even at the cost of disconnecting from whom we are instinctive as humans.


Up until this forceful virus imposed a global pause, and cast a magnifying glass over the world’s default system, Achieving Greatly, and at any cost, was the leading indicator of performance, health, and status, for most high-achieving individuals and organizations around the world.


Our society has a pervasive habit of celebrating a lack of time and “busyness”: the never-ending to-do list, the eventual burnout, workaholism, financialism, individualism, bottomlinism, and over-scheduled childrenism. Let’s not forget the obsessive hamster wheel of planning for the eventual feeling of satisfaction and happiness, the “only when I achieve this ..… Will I be happy” belief.


I was that person. I got high on doing so much that I would always be late to the next thing: my adrenaline rush came from piling as much as I could on my plate in one day without breathing! I was the “Ladyboss” fixing all, over-giving, overachieving, defying the odds of single mommyhood by juggling to build a thriving business becoming a national franchise and a home life consisting of two gorgeous girls and a dog.


• I built a highly successful business that became a national franchise.
• I achieved professional prowess in my industry.
• I reached my “then” pinnacle of performance & success.
• I gained financial independence.
Yet… I did not feel “successful.” I did not feel fulfilled in my life.


The formula for achieving success is old and stale, unsustainable and crippling, divisive and inequitable, void of humanity and fulfillment. Despite the much-venerated dictum “success leaves clues,” what most successful influencers do not expose is how success perpetuates unconscious blind spots, biases, and limits regardless of wealth, fame, and popularity.


The limits success inflicts are not discriminatory. Our world has been conditioned to think, believe and behave according to a dominantly linear narrative, mostly saluted by a patriarchal premise commonly rooted in economic gain as the transactional outcome.
And time and time again we witness suicides of renowned “successful” achievers such as Kate Spade, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway, Alexander McQueen, and recently a victim of the pandemic, Tony Hsieh. Fame allows us to see those who have passed while holding the torch for unfulfilled success. They all achieved the pinnacle of their success at the cost of their own humanity.


In 2013, unfulfilled, lonely, overwhelmed, and exhausted – yet at the pinnacle of my success – I decided to dive deep into the reasons WHY High Achievers often miss the gate of fulfillment in the process for success.


I discovered a world that radically changed my life, personally and professionally.


This unearthing of the Whys and Hows high-achieving leaders hit typical roadblocks on their way to their successful What, is at the root of my journey to you.


I have formulated a transformative code that will shift your inner and outer world. I will soon be unveiling this new coding blueprint for you in the form of a Master Salon!


I have formulated a transformative code that will shift your inner and outer world.


February 5th marks the start of a new chapter in your life.
You are invited to start rebuilding the new you in 2021.


If you are ready to bulletproof your leadership in a time of crisis AND are willing to ReCode your Performance to embrace uncertainty…


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Stay tuned and curious for more 🙂


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