The secrets of instinctively successful business women

The secrets of instinctively successful business women

There is no shying away from the fact that corporate and entrepreneurial positions take as much personality and influence as they are require skills. Think of any female entrepreneurs and corporate women that are well known or that you admire. All of them have a personality that inspires, motivates, and personally connects with those around them though they may vary in style. That is because they have tapped into their natural authentic leadership.


So what are the rest of the women who work in corporate or start businesses missing? What is holding women back from reaching the levels other women do in a male-dominated world?


There are tangible differences between women of authentic influence and success and women who burn out, don’t make the connections they want fruitful, and don’t reach the same levels of success.


Here are a few of the secrets of naturally successful business women:


Lead from a place of influence, not persuasion:

A common misunderstanding about leadership and success in business is that you have to learn to be manipulative or persuasive to get to where you want to be. This mindset and belief system stems from an old place of competition and heavily goal-only thinking characteristic of masculine leadership. However for women, this is not beneficial even on a short term basis because that type of relating tends to be less sincere and more result driven. Persuasion doesn’t focus on building meaningful relationships which are proven to be more profitable in the long term. The goal for successful business women is to be influential. They aim to inspire people towards common goals by building relationships and leading with personal connection.


Use your nature feminine attributes to build relationships:

As mentioned above, leading with a primarily masculine style means focusing on goals with a competitive attitude that factors out a lot of the attributes that the business world is now starting to shift back to. This is the era of relationship marketing and selling. To succeed, it’ necessary to slow down and use feminine attributes to build and foster personal connection. Women are naturally incredible at building relationships and connections. When we shift away from our natural character and put on a masculine mask to try to “make it” in the world of business, we actually take away from our natural power. Women corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who are successful have learned to hone their natural feminine attributes to build professional relationships that leverage their careers ahead of women who let this very important point go.


Don’t wear yourself down and burn out:

Women burn out more than men. Especially female entrepreneurs. Often times women come from a place of constant sacrifice, naturally. We sacrifice for children, partners, family, etc. We are not used to putting ourselves first. And then when we enter the business world, we often try to switch into a place of competitiveness to compete against what we see as a masculine environment. This is exhausting; to switch between a masculine, competitive mask and a caring, collaborative home personality. We are unaware that our feminine leadership style is a our biggest asset and the business world is shifting towards us. Naturally successful women learn to lead and work from a place that natural for them. Naturally successful women take care of themselves and take steps to prevent from burning out at work.


Collaborate to climb:

Women are natural born collaborators. Naturally successful women take their ability to collaborate and use it to build teams, businesses, and networks that work to benefit everyone and expand sustainably. No one can succeed alone. That is something that we pick up from the decades of masculine leadership and business environment style that is no longer true. Women who are extra competitive against other women and try to put down other women rarely make it to the top and find true happiness and success. Shifting away from individual competition and a place of collaboration and mutual growth is how to “climb” in entrepreneurial and corporate settings. Women have a natural ability to support and inspire collaboration that we need to tap back into in order to build businesses and elevate ourselves and others are work.

You have everything you need to be the successful, influential, and truly fulfilled woman you want to become who reaches new levels of success both personally and professionally. You can learn to utilize your feminine essence to tap into your true power as a part of the Radiance Tribe. Join us the first week of June for our first call and discover what feminine power really means!