The Value of Corporate Training & Development in a Time of Crisis

If there was one lesson that we learned this year it’s that anything can happen at any time. It’s called “handling a crisis”. Yet most teams, and people, are not adequately prepared and adept at walking the tightrope of life, let alone business in disruption. Companies today are spending hundreds of billions on learning & development (L&D) solutions to equip their people with the behaviors, skills, and mindsets necessary to thrive in today’s workplace.

In an era plagued by unrelenting and disruptive change, 70% of CEOs believe their organization, and more specifically their people, lack the skills to adapt quickly enough.

Corporate training’s main challenge is that within 1-hour people forget 50% of what they learn, 70% within 24 hours, and 90% over a week. Only 30% of employees successfully transfer their learnings to the workplace. For long-lasting transformational change to occur, three stages must be fully honored and implemented: learning, practice, and being.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Albert Einstein.

Einstein understood early on that we have access to a part of our innate intelligence that escapes us unless we are given the tools, time & practice to learn how to return to what is inherent within us. I would even push the envelope here by saying that we, as a society, need to relearn how to think in order to thrive in disruption.

  • So the first step to lasting change is to be open to learning, even relearning how to gain access to new information that will determine new behavior. Learning is ONLY a precursor to change, not the outcome.
  • Time for integration is the key to practicing new understandings. Time is of the essence for the behavior change to be sustainable and research shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days for any change to integrate.
  • Being. Here, the new behaviors become effortless rather than effortful. The person has journeyed back “home” inside of themselves to understand more of who they are today to create change and choose the best version of themselves, the one that fuels the new type of performance. Your performance is anchored in your beliefs, thoughts, patterns that most often stem from your subconscious holding 90% of your brain capacity. So going within is the key to creating a new way of “Being You” that fully generates your performance. Crisis calls for resilience, agility, and empathy and unless you own who you are Being, you will react not respond efficiently. 

Leaders who manage teams with executive coaching in place show a 52% decrease in burnout! What’s more, research shows that organizations high in resilience have a 269% return on equity.

What is in the way of executive training’s success?

  • Insufficient personalization. Find a training that customizes to your team’s challenges.
  • Insufficient motivational support throughout the person’s transformation
  • Not enough time and space to practice, accounting for the “forgetting curve”
  • Lack of consistent feedback to stay accountable with a coaching partner
  • Lack of Self-Reflection support. Celebrating self-awareness as much as celebrating the baby step changes that are being made every day is very important!

Coaching supports people in reaching their higher callings and unlived lives, the lives they are not living because they are trapped in their own isolated self-critical egos.

Coaching expands you.

Training expands the world.

So let’s start your executive training today. Book your free consultation now so we tailor your corporate training to your needs in crisis!

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