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Thrive and Shine is a platform for conscious leaders who embody the change they want to see in the world.

What is conscious leadership?

  • a more holistic view of leadership, within and outside of business. 
  • a focus on leading from a trust, positive influence, mutual success, and care. 
  • sustainable, as it strives for purpose and fulfillment through peace and balance rather than competition and conflict. 
  • contagious and inspires others to leader and live in a similar way.

About Tatiana

I have lived my share of pain and failures to get to where I am today, serving women with the same challenges I once faced and chose to overcome.

I have been a businesswoman, single mother, and entrepreneur for over 20 years. At the peak of my career, leading a multi-million-dollar business, I was still left utterly unfulfilled. I sold my multi-million-dollar business and joined Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership to network with masters, unleash my inner truth and elevate my life.

I teach with high achiever  women how to merge the force of their warrior with that of their unapologetic Feminine Spirit to create a meaningful impact with their WHY, while experiencing life altering freedom and joy.


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