Leadership is such an interesting concept and attribute that businesses and executives endlessly harp on, seek out, and vigorously try to develop but, in reality, leadership goes so far beyond business. Leadership is the driving factor behind how we collectively and individually ignite and drive change in our world in all areas.


I feel as if right now “leadership” as a concept has been, in a way, hijacked and wrongly associated with the tangible, wordly results of power. Companies seek those with leadership capabilities and strive to develop it in their management for the obvious benefits: profit, performance, growth, better brand unity, lower turnover, etc. I’m a true believer that leaders who focus primarily on bettering their leadership capabilities for these reasons only are on a wild goose chase to exhaustion, lack of fulfillment, uninspiring influence and dismal performance. Anyone who has gone down this path will tell you that.


We need to bring the deeper internal, communal, and personal aspects back into leadership. We need to reinfuse higher thinking and awareness into leadership. We need to reconnect on a intuitive and personal level to our “why” behind leadership and align it with the values that fuel fulfilment. We need to seek to develop conscious leadership that stems from authentic power.


What is conscious leadership?

Conscious leadership is not just goal driven leadership, but a more holistic view of leadership, interpersonal skills, and awareness that create great leaders. Have you ever met or worked under a manager or executive who nails goals but does not seem happy personally and brings a toxic energy to those around them? That is leading without a conscious mindset. Leaders like this burn out and those around them do as well. They lead from a place of fear of scarcity and limited success, not abundance and support. Conscious leadership operates from authentic power and focuses on leading from a trust, positive influence, mutual success, and care. Most importantly, conscious leadership is sustainable as it strives for empathy and resolution through ease and harmony rather than competition and conflict. More than anything, conscious leadership is contagious and inspires others to create alignment between leading and living authentically.


What about conscious capitalism?

So much of this conversation about conscious leadership stems from the movement around conscious capitalism. I’m involved with and aligned with Conscious Capitalism as an organization because they hold up and promote the values i hold dear in my own business and throughout my life. The motto of “Connect. Create. Contribute.” encompasses what I inspire to do through action. Business can create ethical, noble, and powerful value. Without conscious leadership at the forefront, we minimize and mute out the communal and personal benefits. Purpose motivates us as people and money is our currency for vitality. Conscious leadership and conscious capitalism strive for businesses to be a force for good.


My radio show Thrive and Shine is a platform for conscious leaders who embody the change they want to see in the world ….to inspire Businesses to be the vehicle for good, and its people to create change.  

Join us each week! If you’re interested in speaking contact me here.

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