Women in leadership has become a hot topic of discussion as a social shift begins to happen in companies and governments across the world. A shift is happening not only for those who hold positions of leadership, but the ideal method of leadership is changing. Companies want less militaristic and autocratic and more inclusive and collaborative. Culture is now proven to be essential in fueling teams’ moral and create a sustainable workforce. Leading with relationships and empathy is proving to actually be more effective and profitable for companies as sales and marketing also switch to an emotionally intelligent system maximizing results for success.


The qualities women possess naturally are now the ideal skills of a leader in 2018. Women’s core leadership style means happier employees, better customer communication, an improved bottom line and more sustainable long term growth for companies of any size.

However, many women in corporate and leadership positions still endure masks and adapt their demeanor to a more masculine style of leadership to progress and “climb” the corporate ladder. Many women are disconnected from what truly makes them authentically powerful and influential, unaware that their strongest advantage in the corporate world today is to leverage more of the feminine qualities as a source of strength in their business roles.


Consciously shifting from competitive to collaborative:  

For the last few decades as women entered the workforce as a minority, it was assumed necessary to act and compete like men to make it to the top. This meant pushing out and needing to be ahead of any other women – or men – in an effort to not align with them and look “too feminine”. This style of leadership does not fit in with the shift to more collaborative and decentralized work environments companies want to create. Top female leaders that are going to excel in the years to come will reconnect with their natural tendency to collaborate with others, build communities from the inside out, and uplift their female team members towards the same common goal. This will reflect in both profits and satisfaction with company culture, which is becoming increasingly important as millennials leave jobs every two years on average. A successful long term sustainable workforce is dependent on a “feminine” attitude of collaboration and community.


Using our natural ability to foster relationships to build strong teams:

As previously underlined, company culture can be a huge competitive advantage in attracting and keeping top talent. Building a successful company culture is something that requires management with “soft” skills; not necessarily only a number or goal driven mindset (those come as a result). Women’s inclusive and relationship-fostering natural abilities actually offer an advantage in this area. Leaders who can be vulnerable, authentic, and encourage emotional investment from others are extremely valuable to the health and future of any organization. For women to thrive and accelerate change, it is now time that female leaders embrace their natural feminine traits to reconnect on an emotional level with themselves and others, use their Power to build and support strong teams able to produce all encompassing expected results.


Feminine essence creates the environment of creativity necessary for innovation:

All companies today are on a tight, constant deadline to produce and create new ideas to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Marketing teams are on a quick and inflexible time frame to connect and build relationships with target customers better and faster than the competition. All of this requires a work environment that champions constant and fertile creativity, as well as a space for the freedom to share and build upon each others’ ideas. Creative freedom is attached to the world of feminine attributes and characteristically found in environments led by women.


Except now these “soft” skills are desperately needed in major corporations if they wish to stay afloat. Women leaders who choose to leverage their feminine power to create creative and free environments are building the most agile, dynamic, and innovative companies to also be the most profitable and sustainable long term!


With this momentum towards leading differently, towards authentic “feminine” strength to be the new core of power for women both socially and professionally, a revolution for truth is on the rise. Women who are willing and able to bring their feminine qualities unapologetically and apply them gracefully to the corporate world’s new demands will see success and fulfillment far beyond what they can achieve through the old patriarchal paradigm.


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