Trailblazing a Performance Revolution

Align, Innovate and Accelerate Your Performance Strategic High-Performance Advising

It’s time to disrupt the world of performance.

Is your company failing to achieve its goals or hit anticipated targets?

Are you struggling with a toxic culture, communication issues or lack of client retention?

Is there a lack of alignment, wavering leadership or blind spots that are getting in the way of your organization's success?

Have you tried pushing harder, raising expectations and forcing deadlines, but nothing seems to change or improve?

Are you at a loss as to support your teams and lead your company to its next level of success?

You are not alone.

The Hard Truth

Many organizations blame low performance on employees or corporate culture. But the truth is that all performance problems are actually leadership problems.

The way we lead ourselves, our teams and our companies, it all starts with taking radical agency of the decisions we make and the ways we show up in the world.

And many leaders still unconsciously operate from a paradigm of performance and leadership that limits results, controls people and restricts transformation.

As a result, we are all missing out:

80% of executives believe that the ability to lead through complexity and ambiguity is now a unique leadership requirement. 

60% of the job performance for supervisors through CEOs accounts for emotional intelligence.

90% of Silicon Valley leaders know that raising your EQ index is the accelerator to Performance and Business transformation.

$1 Trillion is lost each year due to depression and anxiety at work resulting in a lack of productivity.
I work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-achieving humans to recode their thinking and rewire their success in their performance, life and business.

An entrepreneurial businesswoman by trade, Tatiana Dudyez combines an avid intellect with a keen understanding of human nature.

As a strategic business advisor or in-house asset Tatiana uses her business expertise to help CEOs not only grow their businesses but ensures that each brilliant and ambitious executive is empowered to operate at peak power.

Tatiana helps leaders strengthen their sovereignty by identifying recurring patterns and blind spots that are limiting success. She is the Blindspot Queen and helps leaders address the deficits that are sabotaging their performance potential. 

I strategically teach, advise and equip leaders with the New Paradigm of Performance - MetaPerformance.
MetaPerformance leverages your multi-dimensionality and includes strategic intelligence, emotional and intuitive intelligence and relational intelligence.
With MetaPerformance, you achieve tangible results:

Amplifying your wealth because each decision you make is aligned with your signature performance, fueling vision, purpose and global impact.

Not Your Typical Business Coach

With Tatiana as a Strategic Business Advisor or In-House Asset, you get a wild mix of:

A Bold and Audacious Partner

Contact Tatiana today to connect and explore how you could work together to support. Book a free consultation today.

High Touch MultiDimensional Coaching

who has the experience, the vision, and the resourcefulness in crisis to wield challenges to fuel targeted results in business.

Fierce Business Experience and Expertise

who has the experience, the vision, and the resourcefulness in crisis to wield challenges to fuel targeted results in business.

Work with Tatiana

Align, Innovate and Accelerate Business Performance Over 20 years of Extraordinary Entrepreneurial Experience

Advising for Extraordinary Leadership Performance

Individualized advising to revolutionize and reprogram your performance strategies and master MetaPerformance. Wisdom, support, fierce nurturing and coaching to help you amplify your success and reconnect to your innate power and. intelligence.

In House Advising for Corporate Performance

Expertise, advice and guidance to grow and accelerate business performance and uplift and align the corporation’s mission and vision. Generate coherent, agile and resilient teams and boost the bottom-line of performance.
What you can expect:


A high degree of commitment from all participants. You must be dedicated to your own transformation and willing to do the (often uncomfortable) work of self-agency.

Thriving Leadership

The more each leader understands their own sovereignty, becomes bold, audacious, innovative and empathetic, the more the company will thrive.

Business Expertise

A rare and incredibly valuable combination of business expertise and a genuinely deep love of all things business + strategy. Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.


Performance is an inside game and transforming mindset to thrive despite disruption involves each leader being fully aligned, congruent and operating as a deeply committed leader.

Fierce Coaching

Exceptional emotional and relational intelligence, deep spirituality, ontological coaching, and an intuitive and nurturing partner who expertly guides you to the next level of embodied performance.

Tangible Results

When leaders master MetaPerformance the results are far beyond what you can even perceive is possible at this moment.
Expect the impossible.

An Extremely Rare and Valuable Mix of Skills to help you Amplify your Success.


Ready to make the impossible possible?

Stop struggling in the archaic model of performance.

Instead, work with Tatiana and learn how to embody MetaPerformance and generate extraordinary leadership so you can level up amplify your success.