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Low performance.

It’s a reality that haunts many businesses. The effects of low performance do not discriminate. At all levels of leadership, in any industry, the root of the symptoms appear the same.

Declining sales results and overall low performance affects multi-billion dollar companies and start-ups in all the same ways.

The root of the problem?

The old leadership paradigm.
Sound familiar? If so, your company is in desperate need of recoding performance.

Meet Tatiana

Strategic Business Advisor and Coach, Performance Disruptor, Speaker and Creator of Leading The Edge

Tatiana is a dynamic corporate development facilitator. Offering a range of programs and training solutions, Tatiana helps transform corporate culture by introducing a new paradigm of performance.

Her interactive corporate training and workshops are engaging, exciting and transformational as she helps corporations recode and rewire their understanding of success and performance.

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Corporate Programs

With Tatiana as a Strategic Business Advisor or In-House Asset, you get a wild mix of:

The Fierce
Feminine Leader

Capitalize your Feminine Power
to Drive Bold Change

3 Week Live Intensive

Recording The new Paradigim of Perfomance For Sovereign, Bold and Empathetic Leaders

The Medicine of Metaperformance

Disrupt + Recode For the Benefit of the Individual, Collective and Planet

A New Way To Think For A New World

Tatiana studied the SQUIRCLE methodology and is now a member of the SQUIRCLE Academy.

SQUIRCLE is a powerful tool to help teams and businesses navigate complex decisions and performance issues. It is a science-based model designed to enhance the way we think. In a world that’s growing more complex, we need to rely on new abilities to move through life with confidence.

The workshops below are carefully designed to help teams and their leadership optimize innovation, collaboration, communication and problem-solving.

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Apply the same business transformation principles that helped
Squircle Academy's Fortune 500 global clients


How Can We Accelerate the Success of Your Business or Team?

Thrive Through Uncertainty

Thrive Through Uncertainty

Learn individually and as a team how to develop a positive outlook toward uncertainty, overcome barriers and achieve your goals no matter what.

SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving

SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving

Designed to take a team from the initial problem to an action plan, SQUIRCLE Complex Problem Solving offers a step-by-step roadmap to reach the best conclusions.

Design Thinking 2.0

Design Thinking 2.0

Learn how to include everyone in a sure process where every worthwhile idea becomes a profitable innovation.

SQUIRCLE Team Performance Optimization

SQUIRCLE Team Performance Optimization

Build high-performing teams based on how individuals like to think, work and solve problems.

Optimize Team Communication

Optimize Team Communication

We will enable you to embrace diversity with a new outlook on nuances and levels of language and other forms of communication, supported by the insights of individual and team SQUIRCLE assessment results.

Custom Solution

Custom Solution

Contact Tatiana today for personalized support to accelerate the performance of your organization.

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact Tatiana today for personalized support to accelerate the performance of your organization.