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*The Founder's Dilemma by Noam Wasserman, Harvard Business School Professor.
65% of Startups Fail Because of Relationship Problems Between Founders.*

Truth Bomb:
Business relationships are Human relationships.

Often the lines that are drawn between business and personal are convenient illusions that ignore the truth, business relationships are human relationships.

Powerful partnerships have the ability to transform the performance of your company.

And investing in strengthening your partnership and relationships is money well spent and has a clear ROI. Learning how to leverage your partnership to transform the spirit of your company will have ripple effects on your teams, clients and bottom line.

Meet Tatiana

Strategic Business Advisor and Coach, Performance Disruptor, Speaker and Creator of Leading the Edge

I help business partners and leadership teams navigate the turbulent dynamics of business relationships. 

With millions of dollars on the line, architecting strong, strategic and high-performing partnerships can be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

I work with partners to design agile, bold and emotionally intelligent partnerships that embrace MetPerformance. Offering a unique and valuable combination of business experience and expertise, with high-touch coaching, I help clients identify their blind spots, recurring patterns and unconscious beliefs that are inhibiting their success.

Transformational, Swift, Lasting Results

Tatiana's high-touch, transformational advising helps create aligned and powerful partnerships so you can:
You can learn how to strengthen and rebuild your business partnerships, elevate your leadership and reconnect with your innate intelligence. I’m here to help.

Fierce Experience and Expertise

Throughout my career co-founding, growing and building a $50 Million Luxury Brand, I navigated a host of complex partnerships, some positive and some, not so much. But throughout every experience, I learned more about myself, my leadership style and the person I wanted to become.

So many strategically gifted CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs are brilliant in one area, but often lack the emotional intelligence or relational intelligence to reach their highest potential and operate at a level of MetaPerformance.

I expertly help partners navigate the turbulent waters and through a combination of strategic business advising, ontological coaching, wisdom and experience, I help the partnerships address the issues, reframe beliefs and reprogram performance. 

"Tatiana's approach to Partnerships is transformational, swift and lasting. Within a few live sessions, my partner and I identified how to communicate powerfully, how to relate to each other's needs intentionally and how to align our unique skillset to each other for the greater Why of our business.

Without her talent for architecting a flourishing and prosperous partnership, we could have experienced significant challenges in our relationship and possibly the business."
Promise Phelon & Steven Latasa - Nicks
Founder and Shareholders of

Silicon Valley CEO | Author | Investor | Mentor

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Don’t underestimate the power of your partnerships on the performance of your business. 

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